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Voted on a straw in #Room Deodoriser Products for Zoono Group Limited by Bear77
37 minutes ago
#Room Deodoriser Products

14-May-2021:  Say "bye" to bad smells...

Voted on a straw in #ASX Announcements for Strategic Elements Ltd by Sapphire
37 minutes ago
#ASX Announcements

(ASX:SOR) is pleased to report that it will conduct a feasibility and scoping study with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) for autonomous sensing and search of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) sources.

The feasibility and scoping study will cover the integration of DST Group search algorithms into subsidiary company Stealth Technologies’ autonomous unmanned ground vehicle (UAG) and unmanned airborne vehicle (UAG) hardware and software platforms and development of an initial software exemplar.

The proposal of the feasibility and scoping study is to integrate DST developed search algorithms for locating CBRN sources within a geographic area, into a Stealth Technologies UAV (drone) that is autonomously launched and landed by a Stealth Technologies autonomous UGV (ground vehicle).

The autonomous UGV would enable carriage of drones and sensors into the target environment keeping humans at a safe distance.

The autonomous UAV enables rapid traversing of the area using sensors to map and/or monitor the location of CBRN sources. AxV Next Generation Development Stealth Technologies has developed custom robotics built on top of its AxV autonomous mobile platform to develop the first ‘automated perimeter security solution’ of its kind anywhere in the world.

The Company collaborated with US giant Honeywell and the Western Australian Department of Justice to deploy an autonomous security vehicle (ASV) at the Eastern Kalgoorlie Regional Prison.

The ASV is being deployed to increase the security of the perimeter and reduce the amount of human involvement in testing and patrols, freeing those staff up for more skilled tasks. The global perimeter security market is forecast to grow quickly reaching USD 282.26 Billion by 20251.

Stealth Technologies next generation AxV Autonomous Platform is being upgraded with a ‘sensor fusion stack’ that includes additional sensors such as LiDAR, radar, GPS, sonar, thermal imaging and different types of cameras, with each sensor adding different strengths to the fusion data generated.

New autonomous releases are being designed for use in various sectors such as security, mining and defence.

The Sensor Fusion stack will also include integration with ongoing collaborative2 work with Planck AeroSystems enabling Autonomous Drones to launch and land autonomous surveillance flights from a moving ASV platform. 

In addition, the CSIRO Wildcat SLAM technology will also be integrated with the Sensor Fusion stack. The Company has licensed world leading CSIRO technology that enables robots to work together in teams3.

The Wildcat SLAM technology leverages more than ten years of research and development at CSIRO’s Data61. Wildcat is a key enabling technology in ‘robot perception’, a system that endows the robot with the ability to perceive, comprehend and reason about the surrounding environment. Costs of the feasibility and scoping study and software exemplar of approx.$50,000 will be paid by the DST Group to Stealth Technologies with deliverables intended for approx. June 30Th 2021. Strategic Elements Managing Director Charles Murphy said “Stealth Technologies is building a flexible autonomous platform that we intend to deploy in sectors such as security, defence and mining to name a few.

We strongly believe there is a huge shift underway in the automation of human function and the machines that we use. The automation and robotics platform that we are continuing to build and deploy has a tremendous opportunity in front of it and we have a great technical team being superbly led by Executive Director Elliot Nicholls. Stealth Technologies is looking forward to working with the world class team at the DST Group”.

Strategic Elements Background Investors in SOR potentially pay no tax on capital gains from selling their SOR shares as the Company operates under a Federal Government program setup to encourage investment into innovation. Strategic Elements operates as a ‘venture builder’ where it generates high risk-high reward ventures

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Voted on a straw in #Bull Case for Humm Group Limited by Gummidge
37 minutes ago
#Bull Case

What am I missing? A 30 year old company that is growing quickly in the BNPL pace, is profitable, and is paying a dividend at almost 5% on current share price. Directors are buying at current depressed prices, and Macquarie Bank have a buy rating on it. 2.7 million customers (up 40% from last QTR), over 20,000 merchants and roughly 82% repeat business. Average customer balance is $4,000 compared to Afterpay's $150. Currently expanding into Britain and Caanda - what am I missing? 

Voted on a straw in #Bear Case for Humm Group Limited by Bear77
37 minutes ago
#Bear Case

Track Record of Management, when they were called FlexiGroup:

Voted on a straw in ##AustralianCraftBrewing for Mighty Craft Limited by BaldyNumbers
38 minutes ago

its an interesting concept - the Berkshire Hathaway of Australian craft brewing if you will... MCL take an equity stake in the brewer, while allowing ownership and creativity to be supplied by the creator.  MCL bring capital, scale, marketing & distribution know how to help accelerate the growth of the product. 

Current stable includes Jetty Road, Ballistic, Foghorn, Slipstream, Sauce Co for beers - intentions to increase to up to 12... also in spirits via Seven Seasons (Green Ant Gin), Brogans Way, Kangaroo Island Spirits (daughter of Bill Lark), Sparrke Beverage & Torquay Beverage. 

There is also a JV with former AWH ceo for the creation of a Tasmanian whiskey company - MCL invested cash - he provided seed stock which is former Nant Distillery product and plans are underway to setup distillery of scale for second batch... expansion into whiskey will also occur via MCL's spirit labels as a near term priority due to popularity and high margin profile of product.

Cash burn is a genuine concern for me here as the management team are capable, approachable (have personally spoken to them) and hard working - but paid very well relative to the stage of the business... growth of sales has justified wages to date since IPO

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