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one year ago

Home Heating with Bitcoin Mining?

yep. That’s right.

Time to join the future? ????

Apparently it earns up to $1USD per day and heats your house.

one year ago

Sleep Technology!

As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed in the past 12 months, it seems that sleep health is starting to become a bigger part of modern-day life. Go figure, we're supposed to spend a third of our lives in that state and a poor night's sleep can have a dramatic effect on the following days.

Trying to give you all a break from quarterly news on everything and everyone, take a rest and have a squiz at some options for a more regulated night's sleep.

In terms of investment, most of these companies are based overseas and there is definitely a tailwind/large market (we all sleep, but we don't all have $3k to spend on a mattress topper) so it will be interesting to watch the cost curve change on this one as adoption takes off. One company did a private raise in 2021 and one company started on kickstarter I believe but nothing public as of yet. There are concerns however, for some of the unknown dangers of EMF's being emitted from the more tech heavy options but here goes.

First we have the BedJet which is essentially a small aircon unit that blows cool air from the foot of your mattress under the fitted sheet and keeps you dry and cool in a hot, humid environment and has a heating function for winter. Apparently could be loud and difficult to control over the course of the night. Find it here for between $700 and $2,000


ChiliSleep has a product offering called the Ooler or a newer system called the Dock Pro (yet to be released in Australia) that appear to be the entry-level for a physical mattress topper that uses water tubes and an under-bed pump unit to heat/cool and push the water around so that you (and/or) your sleep partner can have a dedicated temperature with a higher level of control. You can connect the app and actually schedule routines to warm you up in the morning instead of an audible alarm clock. That is, assuming you wouldn't just get too relaxed and wet the bed.

Have a look here


Last, but certainly not least is Eight Sleep, the founders of which appeared on the Ali Abdaal podcast at the end of last year and got me looking into this stuff in the first place. Currently it is the bee's knees of sleep health. (apparently)

If we can ignore the concerns about having sensors all over your body while you sleep recording data, factoring in a further $200 annual subscription for premium features and a $3,500 starting price for a full mattress topper, there are some huge benefits. This is supposedly the most effective, quietest, efficient and user-friendly system. According to various subreddits though, customer service is not so flash and the founders do spend a lot of time on Twitter promoting the product and ignoring customer concerns. Probably not yet cheap enough to warrant the 60-day trial in my eyes but is top on my list for the near future. They also have a fancy Apple-esque website that makes you feel guilty for not having one.


Sleep tight, Strawfolks!


one year ago

Had a good look at Eightsleep after hearing a podcast interview but when I dug in to reviews (where many rave about the improved sleep) many seemed to fail after 12 months leaving the users with a puddle in their bed! They claim to have addressed the issue with the water carrying tubes but it put me off at that price point.


one year ago

@laoshi yep. Various subreddits as unofficial customer feedback centres and doesn't look pretty. Like I said, not quite cheap enough to warrant a 30/60/90/120 night trial (because who really sends stuff back after that long)

one year ago

3D Printed Skincare Gummies

Nourished in partnership with Neutrogena have developed a quiz, AI face scan and a specialised 3D printer to diagnose vitamin deficiencies and supply packages of individualised chewable "vegan-friendly" (no gelatine) gummies to (at this stage) be a part of a daily skincare routine.

Find out more here

Officially launched and displayed at CES 2023, I'm sure we will see more of this as advertising campaigns get off and running.


The cool things I can see from this is a further normalisation of 3D printing and an expansion of capabilities. A few years ago anything on the ASX that used the term "3D Printing" was sent on a moonshot but quickly came off when we all realised how most of it was a pipe-dream. Only a couple of years on, some of those ideas are becoming a reality.

I don't own an ink printer but I do have a 3D printer at home. Not that these are at the stage for home-use. This is definitely a feel-good story about the true potential of at-home treatment that humans can look forward to in the coming decades if you can ignore the idea that your profile could be hacked and the robots could all schedule a supplement diet that sends the human race into a dazed state that only benefits the overlord AI. I'm sure they have a workaround for that though.



one year ago

@Lambo no, no that's exactly what I want to encourage! The company is owned by J&J so not investable on the ASX so I always want it to be a thought starter on what else is around the corner and what homegrown companies might be pursuing similar avenues.

I can imagine it's a nightmare here getting it across the line. All the media coverage has been USA only. Still, a phase shift in perception and accepted benefits would surely see some sort of revision of legalities for vitamins!

On my 2nd last set of annual bloods (I'm Type 1 Diabetic) I was on the threshold for low vitamin D which came as a shock considering the amount of time spent outdoors and generally decent diet. Supplemented with low-dosage vitamins and the next lot of bloods I was in the highest acceptable band. Go figure. I do accept that this would be hard to get across the line with the TGA but I'm not sure there is more of a danger present here vs half-priced supermarket sales of whatever vitamin you want straight off the shelf? Anyway, not a battle for me to fight at all ha! :D

2 years ago

Over $1,000 can get you a new set of Dyson studio headphones with an air purifier. You can also look like you have been put under arrest by a Storm Trooper.

Video: hereb4bb9972394d5c416d2cc3bc319b33139af3bf.pnga3b08662c5b7130241291c6daf611bb39a4693.png