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2 months ago

ASX-listed Actinogen (ACW) has a drug candidate for Alzheimer's disease called Xanamem. They've just announced FDA approval for a phase 2b clinical trial.

ACW's announcement mentions Cogstate as an assessment for the trial's key efficacy endpoint. Link to the ann: 45k3ctb5wpn7r4.pdf (


2 months ago

Nice pick up @PinchOfSalt does it say how many people are in the trial?


2 months ago

330 subjects

2 months ago

I thought we should have a less specific topic on the state of play in Alzheimer's disease research and treatment.

This article What Causes Alzheimer’s? Scientists Are Rethinking the Answer. | Quanta Magazine talks about the state of play w.r.t. the amyloid cascade hypothesis and why it is wrong or at lease incomplete.

Also suggests that lecanemab may not be clinically significant.

On the whole, this could all be positive for Cogstate. Seems there will be a lot more proposed treatments and therefore cognitive tests. Long runway here.


2 months ago

@PinchOfSalt, I agree completely.

I think an ideal entry point would be if the price crashes should monoclonals fall over AND Cogstate have enough cash in the bank for survival AND there is a promising enough new intervention coming to light within 5 years.

That's a lot of 'ifs'.

That said, we saw how focused medical research can be if enough resources are thrown at it in early 2020 with COVID-19. Cogstate would clearly be on a winner if this circumstance were to eventuate in this space, provided they could scale quickly enough.

For the record, I've never said Cogstate is un-investable. I've always maintained that the investment case hasn't stacked up to me, and the blue sky opportunity espoused by general commentary does not adequately appreciate the very real risks there are in this business.

If I am wrong, then I've missed out. Time will tell.


2 months ago

No you haven’t.

you then have an opportunity to invest in a company that has been profoundly de-risked and has a solid narrative as to why it is worth your money.

Anchoring to a previous price would not be helpful.

As with many companies I have failed to invest in; the question should be re-framed in light of new information, not in the shadow of opportunities missed.