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#Bull Case
Added 2 weeks ago

Following extracted from this mornings ASX release:

Eisai Co., Ltd (Japan) and their development partner, Biogen Inc, have announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Accelerated Approval for aducanumab (to be marketed as ADUHELMTM) for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

The approval by the FDA of ADUHELM is the first new treatment approved for Alzheimer’s disease since 2003 and is the first approved therapy that targets the fundamental pathophysiology of the disease.

Contractual Implications Under the 10-year agreement between Eisai and Cogstate executed on 26 October 2020, Eisai had a right to terminate the agreement after year five under certain conditions. Following the approval of ADUHELM by the FDA, Eisai no longer have that right to accelerated termination of the Cogstate-Eisai agreement. Therefore, in addition to the minimum contractual royalty payments over commercial years 1-5 of US$10 million, Eisai are now also contractually obliged to make the minimum royalty payments to Cogstate over commercial years 6-10, being an additional aggregate payment of US$20 million over that period.

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#Bull Case
Added 4 months ago

$150M market cap at current price for a company that's positioned to benefit from ever increasing clinical trials around the world. Very strong BoD and management team with skin in the company, what more could you ask for? 

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#ASX Announcement 21/1/21
Added 5 months ago

Business Update and December 2020 Quarter Cashflow


• Sales contracts executed: Clinical Trials sales contracts totalled $14.3 million during 2Q21. Total sales contracts executed for the calendar year to 31 December 2020 was $41.7 million

. • Trading Conditions Update: In the Clinical Trials segment, pharmaceutical company customers have continued to demonstrate a willingness to initiate new trials, notwithstanding the ongoing pandemic conditions.

• Revenue: Given the significance of the global license agreement that the Company entered into with Eisai Co. Ltd on 26 October 2020 for access to Cogstate technology, Cogstate is working with its advisers and auditors on the appropriate accounting treatment for the agreement. Audited half year revenue results will be included with the financial statements for the period ended 31 December 2020 which are scheduled to be released on 25 February 2021. This release includes details of the non-refundable cash payment which Eisai paid to the Company pursuant to the global license agreement during the quarter.

• Cash inflow: A total cash inflow of $13.95 million for the December 2020 quarter, including net operating cash inflow of $15.5 million. o Cash receipts from customers of $22.3 million for the quarter. This includes receipt of $15 million form Eisai. o Trade receivables balance increased from $5.0 million at 30 September 2020 to $5.5 million at 31 December 2020.

Mushroompanda said a few months ago "Worth a look" & I think so too

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Added 8 months ago

Overnight, the Biogen share price lept 40% on the back of some positive comments from the FDA about its Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab.

More details:

Cogstate is a cognition testing company. Historically earned most of its revenue from clinical trials where measuring improvement/decline of cognition is required.

But they've been trying to enter the consumer-side in a partnership with Japanese pharma giant Eisai. The idea is end consumers, via phone/tablet/web apps, would be able to test their own cognition without the need for a specialist to administer the test or specialised equipment.

Why does this all matter?

  • Eisai is a partner of Biogen on aducanumab.
  • Eisai is a partner of Cogstate on its consumer product and holds ~7% of the company.
  • Cogstate had previously mentioned that an approved consumer drug that treats cognition would be a major boon for the company. The hope was that measuring cognition would become similar to measuring blood pressure and helps the end consumer monitor the effectiveness of the drugs they're taking.
  • Alzheimer's is estimated to be between the 3rd and the 6th leading cause of death among the elderly in the US. It's poorly understood - especially when it's first detected and what can be done to treat it.

Worth a watch

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