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Added 2 months ago

The shares seem to have broken out of a multi-month range between $21-25, on reasonable volume, which is encouraging price action. If this holds, a trip north of $30 beckons (likely hastened by the next quarterly earnings report on 24/01 if it beats expectations).

2 months ago

@thunderhead who knows, i thought it could be short covering into the result. weight loss story of fading interest?


2 months ago

Yes. The results will be important to further movements in the stock, at least for the near-term.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if that's the case, given GLP-1 hogged the headlines for a good part of 2023, whether that's a sustained trend remains to be seen - I guess we'll have fits and starts as always with potentially disruptive developments.


2 months ago

Think definitely sentiment regarding GLP-1s, but also a lot of focus to see if margins begin to recover - which they should.