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Following on from DW's comments in the Strawman meeting about platforms an extension of the agreement to distribute the EXO-NET platform from IIQ. "I am impressed with Promega’s intended approach to marketing by leveraging AI to gain broader reach in presenting the benefits of scalable and efficient exosome isolation to researchers worldwide.”

Building upon last year’s successful Co-Marketing Agreement (ASX: July 6, 2023), this agreement extends the commercial relationship between INOVIQ and Promega.

The agreement grants Promega rights to market, distribute, and sell INOVIQ’s EXO-NET PanExosome Capture products, with an expected first order imminent.

The agreement is worldwide, allowing researchers and industry easy access to exosome research tools and solutions.The initial term is three years.

The companies jointly developed the high-throughput EXO-NET system and successfully delivered several scientific posters, conference presentations and webinars that received excellent feedback. Promega will use this knowledge to promote our products in market and thereby hit the ground running.

Definition: Exosomes are extracellular vesicles generated by all cells and they carry nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, and metabolites. They are mediators of near and long-distance intercellular communication in health and disease and affect various aspects of cell biology.

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Sorry @laoshi I didn't see that you had posted! I posted the same ASX release above. See my comments in that post.