Independent sharemarket research and insights from Australia's best private investors

Independent sharemarket research and insights from Australia's best private investors

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What is Strawman?

Strawman is Australia’s premier online investment club.
Members share research & insights on ASX-listed stocks by managing Virtual Portfolios and building Company Reports. By ranking content according to performance and community endorsement, Strawman provides accountable and peer-reviewed investment insights.

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Strawman aggregates and ranks the most popular holdings from our community, complete with supporting research and valuations.


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Our Member Reward Scheme recognises the best contributors and rewards them with fractional share rewards in an ASX200 ETF (ASX:IOZ) or reductions in future membership payments. Build your track record, attract followers and earn endorsement to claim your share!


Avoid the noise and clutter of internet chat rooms! Strawman content is peer-reviewed and ranked, prioritising the most widely sanctioned research and insights.


Connect with other investors to test and refine your thinking. Share your research to build a following and get recognised for your contributions.

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With portfolios tracked against the market, contributors are accountable and you can quickly see who is worth following


The strawman index is an innovative and useful idea generation resource and I like to monitor its constituents, and performance, over time