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Voted on a valuation for Damstra Holdings Limited by Thwack
1 day ago
Target $2.80 in 2025 based on a Target EPS of 0.07 and P/E of 40. Discounting at 25% Year on Year growth gives me a valuation $1.15 Today. I think Damstra was over-valued previously, but now appears the market has over-sold and giving us a bargain at the current price. Insider buying back in March at $0.941 was also a promising signal.
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Added a valuation for Pilbara Minerals Limited of $2.50
2 weeks ago
I appreciate that the lithium market can be a sceptical one for many. I jumped onboard Pilbara at $0.98 in Feb 2021 after watching for a long time as I felt that this company with its recent acquisition and its ability to ramp up its operations to cater for the potential increase in demand. Pilbara has been actively 'shorted' since July 2020 and is now down to less that 1%. The share price has also recently punched through its $1.3 mark which has traditional has been difficult. Last Qtr results were not well received from punters but I do recall that a large shipment of resources were held up due to delays in the shipping port. This significant $ input will be include in the next Qtr results with an overall improvement to its yearly financials. The management seem to have their heads screwed on and seeking to create a company that is well placed to take advantage of the increased desire for electronic vehicles. Im putting a $2.5 valuation within the next 12 months.
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Voted on a straw in #ASX Announcements for Pilbara Minerals Limited by viharerda
2 weeks ago
#ASX Announcements

Pilbara Minerals Limited and Calix Limited execute MOU for Joint Venture Demonstration Project to develop “midstream” lithium chemicals refinery


·        Calix and Pilbara Minerals have executed an MOU covering the co-development of “midstream” lithium chemicals refinery utilising Calix’s core technology

·        The MOU commits the parties to a scoping study on the project, at Pilbara Minerals’ cost, covering lithium salt production of up to several thousand tonnes from Pilbara Minerals’ spodumene concentrate facility at Pilgangoora

·        Following success in the scoping study, Pilbara Minerals and Calix propose to jointly develop a demonstration plant at Pilgangoora, with a view to further commercialising the technology developed

·        The project represents a world-first development of a commercial-demonstration-scale, low-emissions lithium salt production facility


Disc: Hold PLS in RL portfolio

My thoughts: Not sure what to make out of it, or whether there is anything to make out of it. Still early days. Obviously Calix's unique calcination technology is very interesting, but not sure if there is any imperative to get carried away on PLS following this announcement, until the study outcomes are known.

Appreciate thoughts from others who are more knowledgable on Calix's tech.

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Voted on a straw in #Financials for Bubs Australia Limited by Scherobi
2 months ago

BUB - Quarterly Activities $3.7m Operational cash burn

In amongst the qtrly activities, BUB has reported good traction in its growth plans, including China Sales but still with the impacts of travel restrictions etc their cash burn was a tad over $3.7m

Cash on hand is $36m from recent cap raising.

The company seems in an interesting place with such a sell down on the share price and yet the underlying sales and growth of the brand still playing out.

Shares are still 4.85% shorted too