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The Prize

Test your stock picking and portfolio management skills against some of Australia's best private investors.

With $100,000 in play money to invest, you can buy and sell any ASX listed shares and trade as many times as you like. Whoever has the highest return between October 19 and December 11 will not only score some major bragging rights, but also $10,000 cash in a ThinkMarkets trading account!

Entry is free, and you must be an Australian resident and over 18 to enter. Terms & conditions apply.

Our partners
The Strawman Classic is run in partnership with AusBiz and Think Markets. Please visit our partner pages below and register for more great offers.
ausbiz is a partner to Australian business, providing a platform to connect investors with opportunities for financial success. ausbiz exists to Inform, Inspire and Share. By logging into the app or website you’ll unlock a personalised content experience, based on your investment interests and a live stream is also available to view on several partner platforms.
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ThinkMarkets is a fast growing online broker offering transparent, low cost brokerage of $8 flat fee per trade with no minimum monthly trade requirements or subscription fees.

Invest directly from their app in over 2200 ASX listed shares and ETFs with all ASX share investing on your own personal HIN. In addition to ASX shares and ETFs, ThinkMarkets clients can trade over 1200 CFDs on local and global shares, indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, futures and more.

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Terms & Conditions
Entry to the Strawman Classic is subject to our Terms &Conditions. By registering as an entrant you agree to these terms & conditions. Please click below for more.