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Added 4 months ago

After all the games and flakiness afoot over the past few weeks, this isn't much of a surprise at all.

Not exactly a confidence building measure from management. The discount isn't steep and the little guys can play a part, but that is cold comfort given the deeply suppressed share price anyway.

  • Placement to institutional, professional and sophisticated investors raises $2.0 million at an issue price of $0.12 per share

• Planned Share Purchase Plan (SPP) to eligible shareholders to raise up to an additional $1.5 million at the same price as the Placement

3 months ago opportunity to buy shares with no brokerage or transaction costs you say?

Only a 22% premium to the last traded price!


At least they got the insto raise locked away. But I wouldn't count on much success with the SPP

4 months ago

Quick question for the more experienced hands....

Am not making any allegations or anything, just curious if anyone believes management on occasion actually stack the buy side using bots/traders or whatever to try and keep the stock price above offered cap raise prices ?

Just asking.....not necessarily about Pointerra. Guess I'm looking for an 'inside baseball' take on this.

Have seen some strange stuff on the buy side of depth charts and also orders that seem to come out of nowhere to bring the price back up when I've sold out of a few positions with different companies. Feels like an invisible hand is on the

Not really at the top of my list of concerns or anything, just hopefully focusing on the right long term stuff.

4 months ago

wow reading the annoucement looks like Veritas is being paid 6% for managing a non- underwritten issue. i had to read that a couple of times

looks high, and is not underwritten yikes


4 months ago

@Solvetheriddle that gives another meaning to the term “cost of capital”.

4 months ago

Yep the failed pump by management and following cap raise are screaming at me to sell my position and see what happens from the safety of the bleachers.

I’m thinking the probability is this will be back at 8c pretty soon.

Given managements track record, the modest size of the cap raise doesn’t indicate anything imo and could simply be more fun and games.

Am sure if they come good there will be a chance to get back in.

No extra points for level of difficulty.


4 months ago

It's not necessarily the need for more capital that irks me. It's not that there hasn't been some genuine business progress over the years.

It's the way management are treating shareholders.

The once much touted ACV metric has been completely abandoned. Assurances of self-funded growth were clearly unrealistic. Blatant attempts to pump the share price just prior to a raise..

Shares are now a 3.5% of my portfolio, and I'm not sure I'm even comfortable with that tbh.

I really do think they have a good product and exciting opportunity. But once you lose faith in management it's hard to justify much exposure.

I may sell down some more. Certainly not applying for more through the SPP.



4 months ago

Couldn’t agree more.

The yo yo of the sp in the last two weeks also makes me think management is getting the shareholders they deserve.

Not my jam.


4 months ago

Exactly. My position is much smaller, but it still irks me whenever I look at it. Management sure is racking up the yellow/red flags!