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Added 2 weeks ago

$ABV breaking out +16.28% today at $0.05. Closed at its highs.

ABV is a supplier of specialist fail-safe brakes for commercial vehicles in Australia. Revenues have been increasing to $9.1m and it reached profitability in FY20. Keith Knowles is the largest holder and has increased his holding from 12.25% in March 2019 to 23.85 currently.  The company’s performance has been solid since the appointment of John Annand as CEO in Dec 2018.  Previous to that the company had suffered from sales which never met up to expectations.

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#Substantial Holder Increase
Added 3 weeks ago

9 Feb 21: Keith Knowles increases his holding in ABV (Advanced Bracking Technology) from  23.80% from 22.33% @ 3.9c.  Has been consistently increasing his holding from 7.12% at the beginning of 2019.

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#Research Grant 29 1 21
Added a month ago

ABT awarded Defence Global Competitiveness Grant


• ABT awarded a Defence Global Competitiveness Grant to the value of $240,000

• Grant to be used to strengthen ABT’s in-house manufacturing capability

• Positions ABT to capitalise on future defence contract opportunities

DISC: I have small holding

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