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#New CEO & Board Changes8/4/21
Added 2 years ago

Appointment of CEO and Changes to Company Board

Enterprise property management platform provider AssetOwl Limited (ASX: AO1, AssetOwl or the Company) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoff Goldsmith as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Goldsmith has been consulting to the Company for last four months, working with the board and management team to develop the Company’s commercial roll out strategy, financial model and further R&D and resourcing plans. The Company is now poised to expedite its commercial roll out and Geoff has agreed to lead our efforts.

Mr Goldsmith is a results-oriented senior strategy and commercial executive with proven ability to lead a diverse range of organisations. He brings extensive leadership experience that spans over 25 years in large ASX-listed and private companies as well as the public sector (Australian Defence Force), in Australia and internationally.

After serving 15 years as an Army Officer, Geoff worked as a management consultant with leading strategy firm Booz Allen, and subsequently spent five years as a Manager of Business Development and Planning at Boral Ltd’s (ASX: BLD) Building Products Division. Immediately prior to joining AssetOwl, Geoff worked with a range of organisations as an Independent Strategy Consultant, including engagements with Oyu Tolgoi (Mongolia), the Australian Glass Group, and the University of NSW.

Mr Market likes this news, shares are up almost 43% albeit off a very low base....up $0.003 to $.01

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Valuation of $0.013
Added 3 years ago
Starter valuation. Will refine going forward. Whilst hard to gauge the time or likelihood of doing this, but if they captured around half the market, without raising again, the SP target would be ~$0.16 (undiscounted).
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