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Added a month ago

non - coal:

the other (more interesting) part of AZJ is the network/bulk. the long term strategy is for bulk to improve and eventually BE the business

2017 $1907m rev $467 ebit

2018 $1837m rev $531 ebit

2019 $1620m rev $437 ebit

2020 $1798m rev $559 ebit

2021* $1830 rev $604 ebit

2022* $1921 rev $624 ebit

the trend is good, I would prefer the bulk business to be grown faster in prparation for coal exit


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Added a month ago

AZJ done a great job of reducing equity:

2017 $5,022m
2018 $4,730m
2019 $4,677m
2020 $4,358m

at the same time long term debt has fallen:

2017 $3,297m
2018 $3,402m
2019 $3,221m
2020 $3,075m

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