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#Near-term milestones
Added 7 days ago

We can see that there should be a good pipeline of announcements to come over the next 6 months.

Bio-gene already has partnerships with BASF (60B Euro MC) and Clarke (largest public health mosquito control company in USA).

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 7 days ago

Again, from the May 2021 IP.

This slide gives us an idea of how the company plans to fund ongoing developement. They are realistic that first product registration won't be until 2024-2026. Until that time they plan to secure commercial partners to provide funding, expidite R&D, and hit the ground running sales-wise when registration is secured.

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Added 7 days ago

Another slide from the most recent IP (May 2021, available on the Bio-gene website - don't forget the hyphen!).

5 separate 'verticals' with large addressable markets.

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Added 7 days ago

The following slide from the latest IP illustrates the key points of value in Bio-gene's technology.

I particularly like that it isn't highly toxic to bees (as far as insecticides go).

The last novel insecticide was registered in 2008 and has current annual sales of more than $2B.

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