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#Bull Case
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As part of my investment strategy of buying progressively into dips I have increased my holdings of this stock.

I don't have anything to add to TEP's commentary other than the association between Infomedia and CXZ noted on the HC Forum by User: stweeve.

"During the quarter, Connexion was pleased to execute a Teaming Agreement (“Strategic Alliance”with global automotive software company Infomedia Ltd (“Infomedia”)).

Now IFM have been slugging sideways since 2019, but now seem to be aggresively revamping the business and looking for acquisitions.

There is no smoke without fire, so this is one to keep an eye on.

The text below came from the IFM AGM Addresses dated 25-Nov-2021, so if they like what they see......then what?


And the most recent Insider transactions at a substantial premium to the current stock price are recorded as the following:


#Bull Case
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I can't add this to my portfolio because it is currently trading at less than 2 cents. Nonetheless, I purchased real stock at 1.8 cents. Running cashflow neutral, with and expectation that they may be cashflow negative to fund growth in the future, it has some real potential. Still some overhead supply from flippers, but they will flush through eventually.