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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 4 years ago

Response to ASX query

Share price upside caused by youtube post that was posted on Friday from the EV channel

Good to see the video validates my theory from the last straw with the added mention of the Tesla factory in Berlin that I didn't know about.

Too bad this isn't in my Strawman competition portfolio as I was too late putting the order in on Friday when it rallied!

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#Business Model/Strategy
Last edited 4 years ago

EMH to list on the OTC markets

European metals holdings is an interesting one which I just entered on the dip around 40 cents.

Largest hard rock lithium deposit in the EU.

Located in the Czech republic (low labour costs and stable jurisdiction perhaps better than ADT which is in the Balkans)

Close to key potential customers namely the major auto manufacturers VW, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes etc..

Tin and Tungsten byproduct credits.

Close to export markets.

20 year mine life

Big interest from Europe and US (hence why they are listing on the OTC)

These are some of the reasons why I put starter pack to see how far this goes although I'm not keen on lithium miners after my experience with Kidman Resources until I got bailed out by the takeover from Wesfarmers.

Bear points I could find is the IRR is around 29%. And it is bulk underground mining.

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