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#ASX Announcement 24/2/21
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Fatfish’s Swedish Listed Subsidiary Abelco Reports Record Profit for FY2020 – A$15.1million Profit, 526% Up


  •  Abelco has reported profit after tax of A$15.1 million in FY2020, 526% up from a loss of A$3.5 million in FY2019.
  •  The successful turnaround is mainly attributable to Abelco’s strategy to dispose of non-profitable subsidiaries, as well as appreciation of value of key investments, including that of iCandy Interactive Limited
  •  FFG is pleased with Abelco’s positive financial results, and will continue to develop strategies and intiatives at Abelco to create shareholders’ value.
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Added 2 weeks ago

Fatfish acquires ICandy

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FFG - a small cap doing a crazy 193% with $155m traded in a day

I am only sharing this for a bit of amazement value, as I don't know enough about the financial proposition that FatFish is or isn't and yet I just encountered someone on another platform not able to articulate the message of this massive cashflow and resultant price increase

amazement value (highlights):

  • opened up with $3.4m worth of shares trading at match out
  • things started to pick up from 11am onwards
  • 5 different 'sky scraper' orders (seconds of the day) where the total matched trade was around $1m or greater
  • the closing match out was itself over $2m worth


according to Commsec 831,320,086 shares traded for 21,957 trades for total value $155,019,627.38  Open 14c / Low 13.5c / High 27c / Close 27c   Previous Close 9.2c  !!!


Please don't jump onto FFG for the sake of this share at all, it's just a bit of interesting data that I'd done for the other platform anyway.


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