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#New Agreement 19/3/21
Added 3 months ago

FlipConnect - Wholesale Supply, Management and Partnership Agreement


  •  Initial 3 year term
  •  $24M in revenue
  •  Leveraging FSG’s Virtual WBA™
  •  FlipConnect to resell the full suite of FSG products
  •  FlipConnect to resell FSG’s Regional Australia Network products
  •  FSG to supply FlipConnect additional nbn™ business and residential products

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Also announced 25/2/21

Field Solution Group (FSG) Awarded NSW Cross Border Funding


  •  $950k in funding
  •  Project to construct telecommunications infrastructure across the NSW and QLD border.
  •  Merges three networks in Northern NSW and Southern QLD, providing interstate redundancy
  •  Services key agri-business customers on both sides of the NSW and QLD border
  •  Foundational network extension for the rollout of 5G services

Disc: I have small holding 

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#H1FY21 Results 24/2/21
Added 4 months ago

H1 Highlights

  •  Revenue $7.4M (31 December 2019 $5.3M) up 33%
  •  NPAT $0.28M (31 December 2019 loss $0.35M) up 182%
  •  EBITDA $0.52M (31 December 2019 $0.43M) up 20%
  •  Cashflow from Operations $1.67M (31 December 2019 $0.74M) up 124%
  •  $10.4M in signed contracts, including over $210K in new monthly recurring revenue
  •  Backlog of $13.25M (excluding MyRepublic)

H2 Outlook – Strong and Continued Positive Growth

  •  Completion of the network builds across 6 shires across Southern Queensland
  •  Commence the construction of 3 Mobile Black Spot towers in partnership with Optus
  •  Complete the rollout of NSW Sport Regional Network
  •  Commence the delivery of the Western Australia regional network
  •  Deliver over 100 contracted Enterprise Ethernet services for key partners
  •  Commence the network rollout for MyRepublic

During FY21, FSG will transform to become Australia’s leading telecommunications infrastructure owner and operator, delivering services to rural, regional and remote Australian communities. FSG has successfully deployed physical infrastructure in the form of telecommunications towers and fibre optic networks and designed and developed the best in breed network automation software. Importantly, our software will drive our future delivery and automation of IoT, mobility and 5G products and services.

Today, we are proud and privileged to be delivering residential, business and enterprise services to rural, regional and remote Australian communities. Moving forward, FSG will be providing a more diverse range of rural communication products and services in line with our 5G spectrum announcement.

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#5G Allocation 15/2/21
Added 4 months ago

FSG 5G Spectrum Allocation – Rural, Regional and Remote Australia

Field Solutions Holdings (ASX: FSG), Australia's leading rural, regional and remote telecommunications carrier, is pleased to announce that it has successfully obtained 5G spectrum for rural, regional and remote Australia.


• Allocation of 5G millimetre wave spectrum (26Ghz)

• Covers 85% of Australia’s landmass*

• Delivers services to 100% of FSG’s target customers • Allows delivery of super-fast fixed wireless services

• Capability to deliver 5G services to rural, regional and remote Australia

....FSG will commence the rollout of 5G services in the next 6 months. 5G deployment areas are determined based on local demand, government funding and FSG’s business strategy

Not one I have heard of before going through the announcements today, but I will be putting it on my watchlist

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