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#Bear Case
Added 2 weeks ago

Going bear on JB Hi-Fi. Industry expert, Paul Rickard, has called for the corporate watchdog to investigate claims of insider trading in JB Hi-Fi shares.

The events leading up to this news are what have drawn calls for action. Mr Rickard laid out circumstantial evidence, mostly pertaining to the lack of news leading up to the big event while the share price collapsed.

Additionally, volume reportedly spiked to 1,085,000 shares across the 3 days prior to the news. This is compared to an average of 436,000 shares over the preceding 10 trading sessions.

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#ASX Announcement 28/04/21
Added 2 weeks ago

JBH provided this announcement today.

Q3 FY21 Sales Update JB Hi-Fi Limited (“Group”) today provides the following Q3 sales update.

1 JB HI-FI Australia

? Q3 FY21 total sales growth was 10.4% (Q3 FY20: 11.6%)

? Q3 FY21 YTD total sales growth was 19.4% (YTD FY20: 6.9%)

JB HI-FI New Zealand

? Q3 FY21 total sales growth was 16.0% (Q3 FY20: -3.3%) 

? Q3 FY21 YTD total sales growth was 11.0% (YTD FY20: -0.4%)

The Good Guys

? Q3 FY21 total sales growth was 5.8% (Q3 FY20: 13.9%)

? Q3 FY21 YTD total sales growth was 19.5% (YTD FY20: 5.4%)


So JB report a YTD sales growth of 19.4% on 2020.  Just a reminder, 2020 was a record year for sales, earnings and net profit.

JBH have also reported improved margins in NZ and the GG in the previous half year results.  Again, on the back of operating margin improvements in 2020. 

I would think even conservative estimates for EPS for 21 would have to sit at $3.10+, and I think you would have to be ultra conservative to drop that low.

That puts JBH at a maximum P/E of 15.  A super consistent performer with a dividend yield of 5%.


I don't know what the market was expecting but it and I clearly don't see the same thing.

I hold.

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#ASX Announcement 18/1/21
Added 4 months ago

JB Hi-Fi Limited Half Year 2021 Results Update

JB Hi-Fi Limited (“Group”) today reports the following preliminary unaudited HY21 financial results (post the adoption of AASB 16) for the 6 months ending 31 December 2020.

Sales momentum was strong throughout the half, with continued elevated customer demand for consumer electronics and home appliance products.

This, combined with exceptional growth in online sales and a wellexecuted Black Friday promotional period, more than offset the impact of the government mandated temporary store closures during the half.

Online sales were up 161.7% to $678.8m, representing 13.7% of total sales. Gross margins were well managed with strong improvements in gross margins in key categories, particularly in The Good Guys, but offset by sales mix in JB HI-FI Australia and JB HI-FI New Zealand.

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