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Added one year ago


  • Former McConnell Dowell executive and Quanta Services Australia (QSA) President , Mr Mark Twycross and experienced B2B entrepreneur Mr Adrian Smith have agreed to join the KTIG Board as Non-Executive Directors
  • Mr Twycross has over 40 years’ experience in energy and water infrastructure  including pipeline design and construction, process facilities, design, procurement, fabrication and installation. Mr Twycross is an experienced director with FAICD recognition
  • Mr Smith is an experienced company director and entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating global industry leading firms with a particular focus in the international defence industries
  • Mr Kieran Purcell , after assisting the company with identifying suitable directors and the board transition process , has decided to resign from the Board


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#ASX Announcements
Added one year ago

31 January, 2020



  • K-TIG secured a number of licencing agreements during the quarter with fabricators in the US and SE Asia, across both the small and large stainless-steel vessel market, demonstrating the market’s willingness to adopt its technology under licence
  • K-TIG continues to build an extensive sales pipeline in key growth markets, including theUS and South East Asia where it intends to increase its market share in both the small and large stainless-steel vessel industry
  • K-TIG will leverage its experience and customers in the nuclear decommissioning market and its membership of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (NAMRC) to licence its technology into the USD$1 trillion global nuclear decommissioning market
  • The K-TIG technology is currently being used by one of two major companies contracted by the UK Government to deliver the first round of nuclear decommissioning vessels totalling many hundreds of millions of USD. K-TIG is well positioned to further participate in this rapidly emerging market.
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