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#NBL launches Linius 17/3/21
Last edited a month ago


  •  NBL launches Linius personalized TV channels for its fans
  •  NBL viewers can generate their own hyper-personalised TV channel, playing exactly the video content each individual wants to watch
  •  The launch will trigger new recurring revenues for Linius
  •  Linius has productised the solution for ease of roll out to further sporting leagues
  •  NBL incentivised to introduce the solution to other basketball leagues around the world


Melbourne, Australia – 17 March, 2021: Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) (Linius) – the only cloudbased solution that transforms static video into hyper-personalized video experiences with its world-first Video Virtualization Engine™ (VVE) – is pleased to announce that the Australian National Basketball League (NBL) has launched Linius’ personalized TV channels for its fans.

NBL fans can now build their own personalized TV Channel via the NBL website. Each fan can input their own preferences such as favorite team, players, actions and matches, and a new video content stream will be instantly created to their specific requirements. They can edit and share their channel, generating followers. Their channel automatically updates when new content matching their individual preferences becomes available.

This is the first service of its kind in the world, with no other known technology able to deliver personalized TV channels with viewers dictating the content within the actual stream.

Also did a presentation today

Disc~Very small holding. 

DYOR & check previous posts on strawman.

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Added 4 months ago

New Board Member - John Wallace - ex NBC Universal

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#Bull Case
Added 5 months ago

LNU - Linius is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the WHIZZARD platform on AWS

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Added 5 months ago

25th November Market Update vid / preso


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#ASX Announcements
Last edited 5 months ago

Todays LNU Update Conference Call

Well well well, copy-paste - edit image - resell to shareholders as a different product
and again -> Copy Paste, edit image and change product name (talk about what a wizard is) and resell to shareholders. 

The big thing missing is any information around sales to customers. When asked about sales - the CEO laughs as if he wasn't surprised it was asked. Then doesn't answer the question. I'd prefer raw honesty than more failed politics. 

The pitches are improving, the brands they 'talk' about are improving and the 'productised' versions of their technology is clearly improving. The concern is that it's at a snail's pace and they need to get some darn revenue. 
STOP filling the pockets of their executive team who are being paid like NBN executives and start investing it into the product and sales team. I'd change their salaries to be 50% tied to revenue or margin performance. See if something starts cooking then (or they walk)

Interesting to note - Gavin Campion is still clearly the best operator in the team. Should be the CEO but unfortunately, his past behaviour ban him from doing this.



 I don't hold this against him now as I hope he has learned his lesson - but the current CEO is clearly not driving the car (yet getting paid to)

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Added 5 months ago

This is either a 10 bagger or a 100% bust. 

The business has been promising revenue for years and to date, they have less than a few cans of coke and a chicken schnitzel burger. 

The technology seems to fail at most 'trials' but the technology and its applications are truely ground breaking. Editable, searchable and smart video solutions will be the way of the future and LNU suggest they are someone to attack this space. 

IMO - Management team needs a complete overhaul and they need to be more honest with the market. 

Worth a throw at the stumps, but not worth getting hopes up. 

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