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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 3 years ago

Things I like: Predictable, stable revenue. Long term customer in strata, etc supporting the infrastructure for many years. If you have been involved in strata you know how complacent they can be and the resistance to change is a benefit to LPE.

One of the things they have done well, is acquire customers. Having both acquisition and retention is nothing but a positive.

The company is now cash flow positive which is also good.

Things to watch: While the sales funnel has been strong, costs have increased faster than I would have expected.

This is a price sensitive market, which kind of goes against what I said about complacent body corporate.

Management have also made some errors in the past which could be correlated to inexperience. As long as they learn and improve going forward, that is in the past.

Not rushing to add, however it has a place on the watch list.

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Added 6 years ago
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