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Added 6 months ago

The key level support is now showing at the level predicted before. I am adding a new tailwind from a rport produced by the Road Feight Association in US. Although this might not be totally relevant to AUS market I think the global trend is clear - with flexibility and cost predicted to go down with autonomous trucks (nearly 50% of the cost of freight is driver compensation). This in the next decade will see MXI shares go back to their levels of 50-60c and beyond, although I am not changing the valuation until signs of autonomous trucks are more obvious.

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#Bull Case
Added 9 months ago

New key level I believe would be at 25c. Recent trading saw the share price hover up and down around it but someone has now placed a large order which I believe is based on much better knowledge and research than I can produce.

I hold MXI and will let it run as I believe the company has come out of the crisis and is on a turnaround curve.

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