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Added 8 months ago

Significant funding to support deoxymab brain cancer research 

PAB is pleased to announce that Telethon Kids Institute has been awarded $250,000 in funding from the inaugural Clinical Accelerator fund of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to support research on potential therapeutic applications for Patrys’ PAT-DX1 and PATDX3 deoxymabs in the treatment and management of brain cancers. 

Patrys’ deoxymabs have demonstrated promising activity against cancers in the brain in multiple animal models to date. This is by virtue of their ability to both cross the blood-brain barrier, something that few other antibodies are able to achieve, and to block the DNA-damage repair (DDR) systems within cancer cells. The current standards of care for treating brain cancers, radiation or chemotherapies, primarily kill the cancer cells by causing damage to the DNA of rapidly dividing cancers cells. Combining these with the DDR-blocking activity of Patrys’ deoxymabs has the potential to significantly increase the effectiveness of these established therapies. 

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s inaugural Clinical Accelerator funding will be used for research on Patrys’ PAT-DX1 and PAT-DX3 deoxymabs in both in vitro and in vivo models of high-grade glioma (HGG), combining the deoxymabs with standard of care (SOC) treatments such as radiotherapy and temozolomide. Patrys believes that the addition of PAT-DX1 or PAT-DX3 to SOC treatments has the potential to significantly increase efficacy by blocking the repair of the damaged DNA which, in turn, will cause an increase in cancer cell death. 

HGG is the most common and deadly type of brain cancer, affecting both adults and children. Adult patients have a 5-year survival rate of 10% with standard therapy (surgical resection, radiation and chemotherapy). In children HGG is a rapid and universally lethal disease. HGG is called “high-grade” because the tumors are fast-growing and spread quickly through brain tissue making them very difficult to treat. 

Telethon Kids Institute is based within the Perth Children’s Hospital and is one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia. The research program will be led by Professor Terrance Johns, Professor of Paediatric Cancer Research & Head of Telethon Kids Cancer Centre. Professor Johns has a strong track record in translational research with extensive national and international networks. Professor Johns is also Co-Director of the Australian Brain Cancer Research  Alliance (ABCARA), Australia-wide consortium of researchers and clinicians dedicated to ensuring that promising therapeutics discoveries are translated into the clinic for the treatment of patients with brain cancer. 

Patrys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dr. James Campbell said:

“This is one of our most exciting collaborations to date. Professor Johns and his team are leaders in brain cancer translational research in Australia and have numerous international connections. We gratefully acknowledge Cure Brain Cancer Foundation’s Clinical Accelerator, a visionary program to accelerate into the clinic potentially transformative therapies for brain cancer patients. This is the first time this program has been offered and we are honoured to be part of the inaugural successful application. We hope to grow our relationship with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, and look forward to expanding our connections to Australian brain cancer clinicians and researchers as we move towards our expected phase 1 clinical trial in mid-2023.” 

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