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Added 2 months ago

Onsite logging is expected to be completed by 2 December 2022, with results and final report anticipated a week later. 

(the remaining 30% of which is owned by ASX-listed Pure Hydrogen Corporation Limited pursuant to a joint venture agreement with the Company) 



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#Serowe-3 Flow Testing Commissi
Added 3 months ago

Joint Venture Ratio: CBM 70% with PH2 30%

Botala is an ASX-listed CBM exploration and development company focussed on developing production from its 70% owned Serowe CBM Project located in a high-grade CBM region of Botswana, and related early-stage renewable energy opportunities. Botala, as Operator, believes that there is a considerable opportunity to commercialise the project due to the demand for a stable power supply in Botswana. The remaining 30% of the Serowe CBM Project is owned by ASXlisted Pure Hydrogen Corporation Limited pursuant to a joint venture agreement with Botala


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#Sale of the first Hydrogen Fue
Added 5 months ago

PH2 Return (inc div)   1yr: 50.00%   3yr: 84.69% pa   5yr: 48.69% pa


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#Claude on falling in love with
Last edited 10 months ago

Love this guy. Claude Walker. Ausbiz segment a month ago. Still hugely relevant. Came here this morning because I was researching something else. Nice reminder on the risks of falling in love with ANY STOCK BASED ON "STORY" of a stock. 10min:44sec in

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#Bull Case
Added one year ago

This is part of an article I read over at Stockhead.
"Unconventional gas value

Adding further value is what Pitt Street describes as an “underappreciated gas business” consisting of a portfolio of unconventional gas resources in Australia and Botswana.

These have a combined best estimate contingent resource of about 460 petajoules.

At least part of this resource can be converted into proved and probable reserves in the near-term when and if commercial gas flows can be proved from the ongoing testing of Pure Hydrogen’s Project Venus pilot well.

With the gas market on Australia’s east coast expected to experience a supply gap by 2023, Pitt Street noted in its paid report that the gas resource would be a positive for Pure Hydrogen.

This gas resource could also be used as feedstock for the company’s hydrogen production, which would further de-risk the gas projects.

Pitt Street believes that these competitive advantages value Pure Hydrogen at about 60c per share on a base case and 83c per share on a bullish case using a sum-of-the-parts approach.

Importantly its hydrogen business alone would justify a share price of about 21c, just above the current price of 20c"

I hold PH2 shares

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