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#1/4ly Activities 1/2/21
Added 3 years ago

Quarter Highlights

• Executed a AUD$10M Technology Licence Agreement with Verity Greens Inc., launching the Company’s entry into the global perishable foods market.

• Executed a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Canniberia LDA for AUD$2.03M.

• Executed a Growing Management Services Agreement with Canniberia LDA which provides for a net profit share of 25% of the EBITDA earned from all sales of lawful cannabis flower cultivated at Canniberia’s facility.

• Successfully raised AUD$1.53M (before costs) through a placement of new fully paid ordinary shares to professional and sophisticated investors led by the Company’s Corporate Adviser, Peak Asset Management

• The Company currently has several proposed technology sale and purchase agreements with customers for review, along with numerous new sales leads into the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Europe

• Along with perishable food research, the Company’s research and development team have successfully produced a new cannabis strain that thrives in the RotoGro 420 IT System - The Company’s proprietary “Black Romulan” strain provides shorter, compact, well-shaped buds, and a mild smell and taste. Initial tests conducted by our research and development team indicate yields tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly referred to as THC, the most sought-after cannabinoid) in excess of 20%

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