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Added 2 years ago

Still highly specualtive, but capital raising from directors that comitted at three times the then current price shows skin in the game and a bit of confidence things will improve.

Latest update has ARR built to $200k up from $80k in December. Tiny base but more white label launches should hopefully see it continue to grow. One White label partner in the US and another in Peru have currently launched.

Last quarter cash burn was $1.1k so $4.4k annualised so need to sell a lot more to balance with ARR. They do get upfront revenue from product sales at least.

The company reiterated that they had sold enough devices in the september quarter 2021 to balance the cash burn.

Anyway tentative signs of progress, lets see how it goes.

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Added 3 years ago

Scout realeased their 4C late on Friday which is never a good sign.

There was again a quarter of negative cash outflow, although not something I didn't expect, shows a step back from management's guidance "it is the goal of the Company to reach breakeven on a cashflow basis by the end CY21" - in the previous quarter which was largley breakeven.

As a result SCT is drawing down on its convertible note - 5% interest with a 7 cent strike price (mercifully above the current SP).

There is still a lot ot prove to the market for this company and again highlights these things always take longer than expected. I'll continue to hold into the new year but I definetly wrong sized this postion on SM.

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Valuation of $0.160
Added 3 years ago
Management guided for breakeven by end of 2021 calendar year from all revenue sources, 2022 calendar year from recurring revenue. Will need to as not much cash but could avoid another capital raising. Next few 4Cs will be interesting and perhaps 6 months too early to the story but worth a watch as white label programs rollout. Hard to price and still on the specualtive side to determine business economics, but seems promising.
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