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Added 9 months ago

16-7-2020:  Kerry Harmanis Appointed to TLM Board

Kerry Harmanis has owned 18.1% of Talisman (TLM) for a few years now, and could have got himself appointed to the board at any time, as their largest shareholder.  He was instrumental in getting a great outcome for TLM when SFR discovered Monty on TLM's land, and the sale of those tenements gave TLM shareholders (which included me at that time) a nice capital return as well as a generous special dividend. 

Kerry was also the guy who grew Jubilee Mines up from nothing to a $3.1 Billion company when he sold it to Xstrata in 2008.  I was a shareholder of Jubilee Mines at the time, and I had convinced my father-in-law to buy some shares also because they had been paying such good dividends and were very likely to get taken out by someone much bigger, which of course they were, by Xstrata, at the top of the market (nickel was absolutely flying at the time).  It was my father-in-law's best returning investment ever - he received 7 times his original investment.  He has now passed on, and I've had some better investments since, but I remember Kerry H well, and have a lot of respect for him.  In short, it's a positive that he's finally decided to take on a much more active role in TLM (as the new Board Chairman).

Further Reading:  Kerry Harmanis: Miner, meditator and mandolin player

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