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#ASX Announcements
Added 4 weeks ago

Geophysics Survey Expands Gold Potential at El Zorro

  • Expanded Gradient Array Induced Polarisation (GAIP) survey completed at El Zorro, expanding the previous GAIP survey by 750m to the north-east and 2km to the north-west.
  • High chargeability anomaly trends identified, coinciding with favourable gold host rocks and mineralised fault systems, adding additional gold targets to the EL Zorro Gold Project.
  • The GAIP survey confirms the structural framework controlling gold mineralisation at Ternera, and the broader El Zorro District.
  • Highlights increasing scale of the project with new additional undrilled targets.
  • The gold mineralisation trend is now confirmed over 4km north-to-south and 2km east-to-west.
  • Detailed surface mapping and sampling underway on the new geophysical targets to define high priority zones for follow-up drill testing.

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Last edited 2 months ago

Webinar today shows that 



My biggest takeaway is confidence

- Began hiring for production

- Plans to increase Drill Rig Count

- Budget for another 4 quarters 

- Target initial resource 100,000 ounces for >10 years (En route middle of 2021)


To play skeptic, it could also be a sense of urgency before another CR is required. However, either way in my books management are doing the right thing. A sense of urgency is required and exampled. 


With the performance rights and current skin in the game, I am confident, managements interest are well aligned with shareholders.

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#ASX Announcements
Added 2 months ago

Tesoro Increases Ownership of El Zorro to 85%

  • Tesoro’s 95% owned Chilean subsidiary has increased its ownership of the El Zorro Gold Project via a capital contribution of approximately A$7.6 million into El Zorro S.C.M., the Joint Venture (JV) company that holds the El Zorro Gold Project.
  • Tesoro’s minority JV partner elected not to contribute, meaning Tesoro’s Chilean subsidiary will increase its ownership interest to 85%.
  • The capital contribution will be deployed directly into exploration and development activities at the El Zorro Gold Project.

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Added 3 months ago

Current volatility of POG adding pressure onto the share price


Commodities boom prediction from respected economists such as Michael Knox

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##fed #powell #inflation #macro
Added 3 months ago


Recent interview with the CEO suggest that bigger players have an eye on the company. 

Management is aligned with over 15% stake and a massive performance bonus if it can deliever a maiden resource by June 2021 

3rd biggest investor is a Chillean local 

Recent increase of holdings from a top holder

24/7 drilling, shows urgency

Recent CR of 18M AUD from investos at 27c



Jay Powell is aiming to let inflation run until at least 2023-2024 target, as indicated by his speech in Jan 2021 and most recent talk 10 Feb 2021. By then uncertainty may be at record highs, a huge driver for interest in gold. 

It is a matter of time until a need to switch into wealth storage positions. With TSO's position as a explorer it is well positioned to be in production and reap the benefits of changes

Chile has already begun rolling out vaccinations


#Bear Case

Despite all the headwinds, it is still a exploration company and has the associated risks. 

POG will continue to be volatile and will require a higher risk appettite

#Neutral Case

The market is a forward looking machine. No one can perfectly time such things, but fully disclosure, I hold this company.

Due to the associated risks and current market sentiment, there is significant upside in the short to medium term, let alone long term.


While my profile does not reflect my actual performance in the slightest. My market in 2020 doesn't make me any sense of genius. Its been a bull market afterall. 




I may have entered too early but I do believe that this company is due a rerate. However this is the market and "the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." 


Look forward to hear other perspectives.

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