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#Openpay partnership 16/3/21
Added 3 years ago

Openpay partnership moves to full scale rollout on 1st Group’s platforms

1st Group Limited (ASX: 1ST), the Australian digital health group, notes the announcement released by Openpay today, 15th March 2021.

The Announcement refers to “the partnership between Openpay and 1st Group moving from initial roll out into full scale production, ahead of schedule, following excellent early outcomes for merchants and patients.”

The announcement follows 1st Group’s commentary on the partnership with Openpay originally released to ASX on 15th July 2020.

Klaus Bartosch, co-founder and Managing Director noted, “We are pleased our partnership with Openpay is progressing to full scale production, three months ahead of schedule. The initial results are excellent, validating our ability to improve patient experience from booking to payment. We look forward to developing this strong partnership and providing this service to more patients and healthcare merchants.”

Investor conference call with Openpay and 1st Group (ASX: 1ST)

Investors are invited to attend a conference call on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 at 11:00 am AEDT (Sydney time) to hear more about the partnership between Openpay and 1st Group.

Michael Eidel, CEO of Openpay and Klaus Bartosch, MD of 1st Group will be presenting on the call.

To attend, please register ahead of time, using the following link:

Disc: I have small holdings in 1ST & OPY

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Valuation of $0.099
Added 4 years ago
Disclaimer; brand new to valuations. I'm probably doing it all wrong. (Total Assets-Total Liabilities)/Total Shares (7011366-3130856)÷355386134=0.01091913732 Multiply result by Discount Cash Flow rate of 10% 0.01091913732*1.1=0.00992648847 Apply 10 times PB multiple 0.00992648847*10=0.09926488475 Rounded to $0.099 Currently trading at 6.96025681778 PB multiple which I feel is low for the sector. I like the business idea. I've not researched competition.
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