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Added 6 days ago

Veris Limited (ASX:VRS) yesterday delivered a great quarterly, that builds our confidence this is a hidden gem in the small caps we follow. Since the last desk note ($0.075), quarter on quarter, group revenue up 6.4% to $24.14 million (annualised close to $100 million), EBITDA has risen 211% to $1.8 million for the quarter. What makes this impressive, is its seasonally slow quarter along after snap COVID-19 lockdowns in January, and they are at the back end of a two year restructure that throws up a lot of one-off costs. The big plus is within Veris is Aqura Technologies, which has revenue growth circa 31% pa for the last five years. This alone could be worth $0.05 - $0.06 a share within VRS. Very few eyeballs on VRS, they keep this up, that will change.

Full article can be forund on Livewire.

Quick run down - internal restructure has taken place and bods well for the future with Gov spend on infrasturucture 

Disc: I Hold - looking forward #future

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