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Added 2 months ago

Over the past year Xref shares have grown 47.22%. So at it’s current share price, are XREF shares still a good buy?

About XREF Shares

Xref Limited (XF1.ASX) is a developing human resources technology that automates the candidate reference process for employers. XF1 does Reference Checking, Background & ID Checks, Reference Templates, Talent Sourcing, Analytics & Insights and Security and Compliance.


At the beginning of the year Xref shares recovered from the post COVID crash. Today the XREF share price is $0.26, which is in the middle of its 52-week range of $0.125-0.4.

Investor Sentiment

There is currently a bearish sentiment on the Xref share price, from our survey 


Last month Xref released its quarterly statement this was titled “Xref revenue up 36% while costs remain flat“. Here’s the highlights:

  • Revenue: $3 Million- up 36%
  • Sales: $4 Million- up 62%
  • Cash Recepits from Sales: $3.5 Million- up 46%
  • Cash Expenses: $2.5 Million- down 17%
  • Cash Balance: $6.24 Million

From this we can see that the trajectory may be starting to change for XRef. With Record Revenues.

As Hiring rates around the world are likely to start increasing again and as a second order employers needing to perform reference checks should also see XRef Increasing revenues.

Thanks for reading my Highlight!

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#ASX Announcements
Added 4 months ago

*** [Early 4Cs are starting to drop - sorry about formatting]

Xref Revenue up 36% While Costs Remain Flat
* Revenue - $3 million ?- up 36%
* Sales ?- ?$4 million ?- up 62%
* Cash Receipts from Sales ?- $3?5 million ?- up 46%
* Cash Expenses - ?$3?.5 million ?- down 17%
* Cash Balance ?- $6?.24 million
Xref Limited ?ASX?XF??? the human resources technology company? today reported a record third
quarter of trading? The Group delivered records in revenue at ?3 million? sales at ?4 million and cash
receipts from sales at ?3?.5 million for the quarter?
New clients acquired in the quarter contributed 13% of total sales? Xref further built on its success in
healthcare globally and entered a new geographic market? South Africa? New clients in Australia
included the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA?? Cash Converters and the Children?s
Cancer Institute?. In the United States and Canada? new clients included Granite Solutions Groupe? Baylis
Medical and CrossMed Healthcare? In EMEA? Connect Health? Gray Healthcare and? South Africa?-based?
Mr Price Group were introduced to the platform?. Details about these companies can be found in the


This is a pretty good result from XRef.  They didn't highlight it but they were operationally cashflow positive in 3Q - by a very skinny margin - but this puts them on track to meet their stated objective of being cashflow positive in 4Q.  Given how they're trey're tracking and the scalability of the model this is one that I plan to keep averaging in over time so long as they continue to meet/beat my DCF assumptions and don't get too overloved by the market.


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