Things have been fairly quiet on the corporate news front recently, but that’s about to change in a major way as companies begin to release their quarterly and half-yearly numbers. 

It’s always a challenging time for investors, who not only need to digest and synthesise a fire hose of information, but also contend with heightened volatility.

Anand Sridharan, an investor at Nalanda Capital, penned a great piece on how he and the team separate the signal from the noise during this chaotic period.

We’ll let you read the full piece at your leisure, but the high level summary is:

Last year we also made the point that a written articulation of your investment thesis goes a long way to keeping you on the straight and narrow during reporting season. This is especially true when you share your thoughts publicly on Strawman.

Some people are understandably nervous in doing this but it’s worth remembering that no one in the community — no one — is infallible.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

However once you put ego aside you’ll soon discover how potent this can be in terms of improving your process and outcomes. Sharing your thoughts in public tends to make you more careful in your assertions, and it’ll help garner valuable feedback and new perspectives. 

Indeed, in our experience, those that can share their expectations in good faith, and who can honestly and objectively reflect on them after the fact, even if they are horribly wrong, tend to earn a great deal of respect.

They also tend to be the ones that generate the best long-term returns.

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