The Last Straw

Patience Pays

Investing is hard*. Success as a stock-picker requires, among other things, a decent understanding of business, accounting, economics, finance & psychology. It requires discipline, objectivity and emotional fortitude. Most important of all, successful investing requires time. A lot of it. Time to educate yourself. Time to do research. Time to manage your portfolio. And, perhaps hardest of all, time to […]

3 ASX listed stocks to help you sleep better in 2020.

Millions of people around the world regularly suffer through a terrible night’s sleep due to various medical issues such as sleep apnoea. Poor sleep is a widely acknowledged contributor to poor attention, diet and productivity – not to mention the declining sanity of its sufferers – so many companies are understandably on the lookout for the holy grail of treatments. […]

Are you swimming naked?

Last year was good to investors. The last decade even more so. And with markets at record highs there’s plenty of shareholders feeling pretty good about themselves — especially those that had any exposure to tech. But as we roll into a new solar orbit, it’s worth remembering the difference between process and outcome. The market demands a good deal […]

Confecting Complexity

Great writers like Charles Dickens have explored the true meaning of Christmas.  I will leave that to them. For my part I always seem to find a way to make Christmas at least a little about myself.  And so it was last December when I allowed an eleventh hour Christmas shopping trip to be hijacked at a JB Hifi, as […]

Can PushPay’s (ASX:PPH) acquisition accelerate growth?

Donor management platform provider PushPay (ASX:PPH) today announced the acquisition of Church Community Builder (CCB) in a deal worth US$87.5 million. Founded in 1999, Church Community Builder sells a Church Management System (ChMS) and has over 4,000 existing customers. The cloud based platform enables churches to more effectively engage with their community and manages a range of administrative functions. PushPay […]

Where is the market headed in 2020?

The ASX is set to round off a pretty solid year, with the All Ordinaries index up around 20% since January — about double the long term average annual gain. But can the Aussie market continue its winning run in 2020? The truth is, no one knows. Of course, you can expect to see all manner of pundits offer their […]

Is Polynovo (ASX:PNV) a buy?

Polynovo has enjoyed a spectacular run in 2019, with the share price rising from $0.56 at the start of the year to a high of $2.66 on the back of rising sales in the US and entry into the ASX200. But in recent weeks the share price has languished, dropping nearly 40% in just over a month. So the question […]