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Last Man Standing

The Real Winners Emerge When The Boom Goes Bust You may not even be aware, but there is a market shakedown underway. Craft breweries, salvation of alternative types who eschew the 9 to 5 life, are going under. In an alcohol-obsessed country there is a company growing its share of the beer market whilst also being stupid-lucky enough to uncover […]

Poor Charlie’s Almanack: Summary

Charlie Munger, rest his soul, was one of the greatest investors that ever lived. Much of his timeless wisdom was captured in the 2005 book Poor Charlie’s Almanack by Peter D. Kaufman, which Strawman member Solvetheriddle summarised for our members. Do yourself a favour, and read the book. But if you want the tl;dr version, read on! These are a […]

Shooting for 100 Baggers

I recently finished re-reading Chris Mayer’s ‘100 Baggers’, an updated study in the spirit of Thomas Phelp’s iconic book ‘100 to 1 in the Stock Market’, first published in 1972. Without question, it’s become essential reading for investors and I encourage others to dive into its simple and easy to digest wisdom. It impressed upon me some lessons I had […]