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Shooting for 100 Baggers

I recently finished re-reading Chris Mayer’s ‘100 Baggers’, an updated study in the spirit of Thomas Phelp’s iconic book ‘100 to 1 in the Stock Market’, first published in 1972. Without question, it’s become essential reading for investors and I encourage others to dive into its simple and easy to digest wisdom. It impressed upon me some lessons I had […]

Nanosonics (ASXNAN) First Half Results

Infection control company Nanosonics (ASX: NAN) today released its first half results for the 2020 Financial Year. Nanosonics sells the Trophon EPR device for disinfecting ultrasound probes, as well as the consumable capsules required for each disinfection cycle. This can be thought of as a razor + blade business model. The bad news was that profit before tax was down […]