The Last Straw

Patience Pays

Investing is hard*. Success as a stock-picker requires, among other things, a decent understanding of business, accounting, economics, finance & psychology. It requires discipline, objectivity and emotional fortitude. Most important of all, successful investing requires time. A lot of it. Time to educate yourself. Time to do research. Time to manage your portfolio. And, perhaps hardest of all, time to […]

Confessions of a Bitcoin convert

So I’m long Bitcoin. It’s a bit uncomfortable to admit, because there’s such wide scepticism concerning crypto among a lot of smart people. And it’s hard to deny there’s a huge amount of hype and speculation surrounding the whole affair. I’m sure a lot of people will get burnt. Back in 2017 when Bitcoin first came to global attention, I […]

The ONE way to deliver digital healthcare solutions

The focus on digital health has become a global trend. The long-term benefits of technological adaptation in this space will most likely be a reduction in unnecessary use of health services, alleviating the burden on undermanned or under resourced health providers, reduced costs and better, more efficient patient care. Global Market Insights estimates the global digital health market  to be […]

Is Food Revolution Group the Turnaround Story of the Year?

Food Revolution Group (ASX: FOD) could be the turnaround ASX story of last 12 months. Turnarounds usually occur when a new management team takes over an underperforming business and “turns it around” to become hugely successful for themselves and, within the investment community, shareholders. FOD was an established business, with a valuable asset which previous management failed to maximise. As […]

Is EMH set to supply clean lithium to the EU?

European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX:EMH; AIM:EMH; NASDAQ:ERPNF) is currently developing the fully integrated Cinovec lithium, tin, tungsten deposit located in the northern Czech Republic.  This is the largest hard rock lithium resource in the European Union. EMH provides a compelling play in the green energy materials sector, particularly given the location of its Cinovec Project, which is not only strategically […]

How do you Rank in Strawman?

The best members on Strawman are those that deliver the most valuable investment ideas and content. And these won’t always be the same people that top the performance leaderboards. As seasoned investors know, performance is not just about returns but also consistency and timeframe. And understanding the assumptions and insights behind an investment idea is just as important as the […]

Could Creso Pharma significantly benefit from US Marijuana Act developments?

Investors and cannabis stocks the world over have been buoyed by positive regulatory news from the United States, with the House of Representatives passing the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act to remove cannabis for the US Controlled Substances Act. The North American cannabis industry projects widespread benefits from this decision to decriminalise cannabis (note the bill must pass […]

Conversational commerce drives CM8 forward

If you though the art of conversation was, at times, difficult to grasp, then conversational commerce may have your head spinning. However, there is nothing really to be afraid of. Conversational commerce has been around since 2015, when by Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag, mentioned it in a short post on the Medium website. It is a simple concept really.  […]

Record customer receipts highlight Netlinkz growth in China

Netlinkz Limited (ASX:NET) today reported record receipts from customers for the quarter ended 30 September 2020. Growth in receipts has been driven by increasing demand for its VSN platform, particularly in China. Netlinkz, an Australian software company that specialises in secure virtual network solutions, has been refining its data security products since 2014. Its core product is a globally-patented, award-winning […]