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Strawman Premium is now OPEN!

We first launched Strawman Premium in August of 2021 with the goal of building a community of the very best and brightest investors in Australia. Today, we have ~500 private members that share and discuss actionable investment ideas on ASX-listed companies. We also meet with company CEOs regularly, and have built a formidable knowledge base of high-signal insights. Our members gain rank and earn […]

Strawman Custom Index Builder

We’re excited to reveal a new custom index builder for Strawman — one that will allow you to construct a performance index that is based on a specific subset of members. The default Strawman Index will, of course, remain unchanged. But the settings are somewhat arbitrary, and may not align with your preferences. To build your own index, navigate to the […]

Strawman Member Reward Program

The Strawman Member Reward Program enables premium members to earn fractional shares and ETFs by contributing research and recommendations to Strawman. The aim is to attract the best private investors, and to properly recognise and reward those that deliver the most value to the community. We think it provides a powerful incentive for quality content creation, and ensures our interests […]

Strawman Mobile App

Strawman now has a a progressive web app. Essentially, it’s the regular Strawman website, but it’ll work more like a native app on your phone. Aside from providing a better mobile experience, it will allow us to offer improved functionality, such as customisable push notifications. Downloading the app is pretty straightforward, although please be aware that the exact process will […]

How do you Rank in Strawman?

The best members on Strawman are those that deliver the most valuable investment ideas and content. And these won’t always be the same people that top the performance leaderboards. As seasoned investors know, performance is not just about returns but also consistency and timeframe. And understanding the assumptions and insights behind an investment idea is just as important as the […]

The Strawman Classic

Welcome to the inaugural Strawman Classic; Australia’s biggest prize-money investing contest. Test your stock picking and portfolio management skills against some of Australia’s best private investors. With $100,000 in play money, you can buy and sell any ASX listed stock that is trading above 2c, and trade as many times as you like. Whoever has the highest returns at the end […]