We’re excited to reveal a new custom index builder for Strawman — one that will allow you to construct a performance index that is based on a specific subset of members.

The default Strawman Index will, of course, remain unchanged. But the settings are somewhat arbitrary, and may not align with your preferences.

To build your own index, navigate to the Companies Page and select the ‘Explore’ tab. From there, you can hit ‘Edit Settings‘ to customise your index:

There are a variety of ways to select the member portfolios that will be used in constructing your custom index.

For example, you can ask the system to only consider the members you follow. Or, those that have outperformed the market over various timeframes. Similarly, you can select the top ranked members across the various performance leaderboards.

You can select whatever combination you like, but be aware that these filters are additive. That is, the system will only select members that satisfy ALL the requirements you set.

If you like, you can also manually add or remove specific members.

Once you’re happy, just click ‘Back to custom portfolio‘ to see the results.


  • The first time you run a specific selection of members, the system will take a moment to calculate everything. Depending on the settings chosen, this could take 30-60 seconds.
  • Unlike the regular Strawman Index, these custom indices incorporate every single holding from the selected cohort of members — not just the top 15 holdings by portfolio value. Essentially, the system is showing you what the returns would be like if every single stock from every selected member were combined.
  • Of course, different members usually have different starting points. As such, the system re-factors the index at each commencement date and displays performance in percentage terms.
  • As usual, you can expand each holding to see specific trades. And you can see the full list of trades by expanding the ‘cash’ holding at the bottom of the portfolio.

Finally, we’re excited to see what combinations you come up with, so be sure share any interesting results on our forums.

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