The Strawman Member Reward Program enables premium members to subsidise their subscription by contributing ASX research to Strawman.

The aim is to attract the best private investors, and to properly recognise and reward those that deliver the most value to the community. We think it provides a powerful incentive for quality content creation, and ensures our interests are best aligned with that of our members.

Each month we distribute an award pool across the premium membership according to their Community Rank. This is determined by considering factors such as investment performance, content endorsement and community engagement.

Importantly, the award pool distribution is proportional. Even a small contribution will earn you some credits, but the rewards can be significant for those that deliver the best research and recommendations. Especially as it builds over time.

How it works

While we don’t disclose the exact formula, your Community Rank is determined by:

  • Your ranking within the 3 month, 6 month, 12 month and all-time performance leaderboards (greater weighting is given to the longer-term periods)
  • The number ‘likes’ received on your Straws, Valuations and forum posts over the past month.
  • And, to a lesser degree, the number of ‘likes’ cast on other people’s content over the past month

Essentially, the best way to increase your share of the award pool is to post lots of good research and recommendations, and to be an active endorser of the content that resonates with you.

Your ranking and estimated share of the award pool will change as new content is added and as share prices change (this is displayed on your profile page and the Members Page). But on the last day of each calendar month we’ll settle the award pool as it then stands, and distribute credits to eligible members. The award pool is then reset.

Members can use credits to offset their Membership fees. Alternatively, you can donate them to a number of awesome local charities via our partners at Trade For Good.

We’ve always believed that sharing ideas with an engaged network of private investors is its own reward. But the Member Reward Program is just another way of supporting all the wonderful contributors that help make Strawman so valuable.


How much is up for grabs?

At present, we distribute $3,000 per month across our community. The top ranked members tend to earn anywhere between $80-$100/month.

Who is eligible?

To participate in the Awards Program you must be a Premium member of Strawman.

What if I cancel my subscription?

You’ll lose any unclaimed credits if you cancel your subscription. However, you can claim any earned credits at any stage, so we’d suggest you do so before cancelling.

Do credits expire?

Yes, unused credits will expire after six months.

Do I have to have a Trade for Good account?

No, we manage the donation on your behalf. But if you like super cheap brokerage, an awesome trading platform and want to better support the community, we’d urge you to check them out.

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