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30-Jan-2024: GNX-Quarterly-ActivitiesAppendix-4C-Cash-Flow-Report.PDF

Plus GNX-Appointment-of-PCL-as-Preferred-EPC-Contractor-for-BCS.PDF

Genex Power are the quiet achievers, steadily building out a decent portfolio of renewable energy generation and storage assets across the eastern states of Australia. I hold GNX shares and while their share price trajectory has not been stellar lately, the company itself is still doing its thing, which takes time, but it's happening, and the M&A interest will come again, sooner or later.

Disclosure: I hold GNX shares.

2 months ago

I'm right here with you on this one!


2 months ago

I enjoyed reading that report. Thanks for sharing.


a month ago

04-March-2024: I said in January that the M&A interest in GNX would come "sooner or later"; It was "sooner". GNX finished the day up +32.43% @ $0.245 on this $0.275 takeover offer (NBIO - non-binding indicative offer) from J-POWER. This time the GNX Board is behind it as well.