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Nice quarterly Activities report.

Great uptake in QonQ.

I just hope this momentum continues5f84a4c61d97b088fbb26239846b89ca01b790.jpegDisc Held

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The revenue is great (but that's really just a trailing indicator from last year's sales success).

Sales success is conspicuous by its absence in the commentary. Even looking at "cash receipts" which might be a proxy of new sales, they have limited growth compared with the same quarter last year (although try to explain that away with a lag in cash receipts following product delivered in the quarter).

Nice to see the $519m sales funnel, but would like to see a bit more conversion success.

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a month ago

Unfortunately there are some secular tailwinds (as well as some hot money) behind this stock.

when I consider trimming, my hand is stayed by the possibility that this stock serves as a hedge against ongoing geopolitical instability…

It’s run to the point where it’s close to 10% of my portfolio and today it’s up significantly whilst most of my portfolio is sagging on concerns about geopolitical conflict