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$XRF issued their 3Q trading update.

ASX Release

Keeping it brief, all segments contributed with a positive outlook for the final quarter. Reference made to strong gold prices driving demand, as well as low Lithium price driving lower selling prices and production costs.

One new product was launched - the next generation of weighing device - xrWeigh-S-FL, with other new products on track for FY25.

In short, nothing of note that I can see in the release.

Looking to the numbers, in the context of history, both PBT and Revenue are a whisker below the 2-3 year growth trend, but certainly well within the q-on-q variation to not be a significant departure from steady growth.

No real market reaction - low volumes on either side of the trade.

Disc: Held in RL and SM

Figure 1: XRF Quarterly Revenue and PBT ($m)


Nice summary @mikebrisy and @Strawman

This stock is steady as she goes, a great compounding machine.

Response today to the update was pretty good, it only stayed just level, but when market drops 2-3% that's a positive day!

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Agreed @mikebrisy -- everything remains on track.

Thumb sucking something on the order of 6.5-7cps in EPS for the full year, so shares on a forward PE of say 20.

Not too shabby for a business that is doing ~14% ytd profit growth, has a good balance sheet, industry tailwinds, board and management own 15%, pays a 3,6% grossed-up dividend etc