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Looking forward to a great full report from RFT for the following reasons -

  • First half achieved sales of $19m and net profit of $3.7m
  • Announced a purchase order for AUD 33m from I-Charging in November last year to be delivered by the end of this calendar year
  • Nicholas confirmed that this order was on track in the recent interview on Strawman
  • This is just one customer and doesn't take into account other orders/customers
  • They increased their inventory by almost $4m in the first half of FY23 to almost $10m in order to fulfil orders.

If they can achieve a similar result for the second half, then their full year result should come in at $7m plus net profit, putting the business on a multiple of around 9. This is too cheap for a fast growing business in the EV space. I believe a multiple of around 20 would be more reasonable.

4 months ago

@LifeCapital With i-charging manufacturing in the EU it is hard to get import data, but fortunately with Tritium now well and truly established in the US we are able to track RFT's shipments to those guys a lot better. Looks like they were able to execute some big chunks of that contract also:


For reference, Unipower is RFT's US distributor, so nice to see them taking plenty of shipments as well!


4 months ago

Thanks Wini, that is very useful information. All is boding well for the full year, fingers crossed.


4 months ago

Fantastic insight thanks @Wini !


3 months ago

Thanks for posting this @Wini ,

I picked up some more over the past couple of days. Reading through the stock forums there was a lot of complaining about lack of news flow and updates.

I like the angle of a share price off from highs and people seemingly getting frustrated and impatient for the last 6 months, all while it appears that behind the scenes they are 'likely' executing as planned.

I already had some but added some more for a punt on the results. fingers crossed.