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No BIG graphics of the Revenue.. Because - Revenue 2023 3,976m VS 2022 4,879m down (20%) 

But the dividend payment today is 37cps ( annually 107cps ) (Better than Spodumene!!!)

Divi' penciled in a Forecast 2024 annual 132cps so plenty of cash flow.



3 months ago

@nessy Yep a Good dividend. I would'nt put all the cash on black

The context: back in July 2023 i looked at NHC & WHC vs YAL. All 3 had the great fundamentals. Like Low debt/ Equity and still good cash flows to service the Dividend (payout ratio ~50%) BUY? Just that YAL looked ok on the chart in 2023 it was in a break -out pattern at $4.90




Looking forward well, generally YAL is still making cash. Will we need Thermal Coal? CokingCoal?

THe BIG Aussie Banks are not to be seen lending cash to the coal miners.. If they dare CBA bank will have protesters serenading/singing at the AGM..

YAL: Maybe not a Buy at $6 .Check at ex -Dividend Date 12/3/24 - stock price may dip there.

Another look at YAL..

YAL Activities:

Yancoal Australia Limited (YAL) is a coal miner. Operating five mines and managing five others across New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Hunter Valley Operations (51%):

Hunter Valley Operations is located 24 kilometres north-west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. It is a Joint venture between Yancoal Australia Ltd (51%) and Glencore Coal Pty Ltd (49%) and conists coal of 19.0Mt ROM, 13.3Mt Saleable and 796Mt Total recoverable reserves.

Moolarben (95%):

Moolarben is located approximately 40 kms north of Mudgee in the Western Coalfields of NSW. Moolarben utilises conventional truck and excavator methods in its open cut mining areas, and longwall operations in its underground mining areas. It consists of thermal coal 18.6Mt ROM, 16.5Mt Saleable and 274.0Mt Total recoverable reserves.

Mount Thorley Warkworth (82.9%):

Mount Thorley Warkworth is located 15 kilometres south-west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. It is an integrated operation of two open cut mines located adjacent to each other. It has 315Mt Total recoverable reserves.

Stratford Duralie (100%):

Stratford Duralie is located within the New South Wales Gloucester Basin. The Stratford Duralie operation consists of the Stratford and Duralie open cut mines, producing high fluidity semi-soft coking and thermal coals. It consists of semi-hard coking and thermal coal 0.7Mt ROM, 0.5Mt Saleable and 44.0Mt Total recoverable reserves.


Yarrabee (100%) produces ultra-low volatile, semi-anthracite pulverised coal injection (PCI) coal, exporting to steelmakers in the Asian region via the Port of Gladstone. It consists of ultra low volatile semi-anthracite thermal coal 3.4Mt ROM, 2.6Mt Saleable and 52.0Mt Total recoverable reserves. II) Middlemount (50%) is located 90 km north east of Emerald in Queensland's Bowen Basin. It is a joint venture between Peabody Energy and Yancoal, the Middlemount mine produces low volatile PCI coal and hard coking coal. It consists of hard coking coal and low volatile PCI coal 4.8Mt ROM, 3.8Mt Saleable and 85.0Mt Total recoverable reserves.

YANCOAL AUSTRALIA LIMITED (ASX:YAL) - Ann: Coal Resources and Coal Reserves Statement, page-1 - HotCopper | ASX Share Prices, Stock Market & Share Trading Forum


Coal - Price - Chart - Historical Data - News (

at 1/3/2024:

Newcastle coal futures surged past $130 per ton, the highest in over one month. The latest data showed that Asia's seaborne imports of thermal coal fell to 77.65 million metric tons in January, a 5% dip from December's record levels.

Despite a decrease in China's imports from the previous month, they were still 34% higher than January 2023, fueled by increased demand for thermal generation due to lower hydropower output and the cost advantage over domestic coal.

India also saw a decline in imports for the third consecutive month but experienced a 27.2% rise compared to January 2023. Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea showed strong demand for thermal coal.

Looking ahead, India is expected to see a decrease in thermal coal imports for the first time since the pandemic, driven by a rise in domestic production and high inventories. Estimates suggest a 3-6% drop in imports.


There is a decline in the use of coal. I guess there will be consolidation in the industry..


3 months ago

@raymon68 YAL still seems to be pumping out cash and further dividends. I must admit I was looking at moving some of mum's poorly producing money here for a couple of years. Coal demand still going up believe it or not. Some places just NEED electricity and this is the easiest and cheapest way to get power it seems. It is not likely to die a quick death in the next couple of years given how poor we are at moving to renewables so as purely a dividend stream it may keep plugging along pretty well. The large Chinese holding may be of concern as they are rolling out renewables quicker than anyone it seems, however if they are making a great dividend they may not want to sell either!