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#ASX Announcements
Added 2 months ago

Pentanet ends the day up 80% at 9c. At one point hit 11c. $14M in trades with over 110M shares changing hands out of the total of 374M. This follows an announcement about Geforce NOW which didn't seem to be that significant.

A long way off my purchase on SM of 79c! in 21

PENTANET EXTENDS GEFORCE NOW ALLIANCE AGREEMENT WITH NVIDIA FOR CLOUD GAMING IN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. The Agreement now formally recognises New Zealand as a serviceable territory, with a pathway to add neighbouring territories. It also allows Pentanet to continue being the exclusive distributor of GeForce NOW in Australia. Since launch, Pentanet has amassed 530,000+ GeForce NOW Powered by CloudGG members, serviced by infrastructure located in Perth and Sydney. The Company now also has a solid base of paid memberships, effectively covering the fixed monthly recurring costs incurred in the early stages when the service was launched. The cloud gaming market in Australia is projected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Pentanet Managing Director, Mr Stephen Cornish, said, “Now that we have demonstrated success with Nvidia, we are moving to a Capex deployment model more in-line with our requirements, and retain a first right of refusal to continue being the sole distributor for GFN in Australia. With over half a million members now part of the CloudGG ecosystem, Pentanet continues to demonstrate the growing appetite for cloud gaming in our territory.”

The GFNA agreement has no finite term and is ongoing. • Pentanet Limited is able to extend its GFNA exclusivity in Australia in six-month increments for each additional purchase of $1.5m USD in GFN POD infrastructure. 

Should Pentanet not extend exclusivity, it will have first right of refusal to re-engage exclusivity, by placing a non-cancellable purchase order of GFN POD infrastructure within 30 days notice of a third-party competing offer to deploy the GFN service in Australia.

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Valuation of $0.072
Added 2 months ago


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#Half Review
Added 2 months ago

Half Year


The Good

  • Operating Cash Flow positive quarter.


There potentially has been some manipulation of expenses to reach this for the quarter (prepaid bills from last quarter) but generally the business has been trending in the right direction (slowly)


  • Telecom customer churn has stopped increasing for the quarter, however still remains much higher than others in the industry.


  • SubHub integration has brought in an additional spike in users for GFN and these continue to add to the paying user base.


The Not So Good

  • Revenue flat at $5.2m. No growth in telecommunications revenue over the last 18 months.


  • Total telecommunications subscribers decreased for the quarter, driven by a decrease in off-net customers.This directly correlates with the stagnation of revenues. I have given Pentanet plenty of opportunities to improve in this area, but another decrease next quarter will be thesis well and truly broken.


  • No additional new towers rolled out this quarter. Still at 8 of 24.

Watch Status

Slight Improvement


Valuation Status

Annualised Figures



What to Watch

  • Churn expected to decrease with new retention initiatives. This could lead to an increase in advertising expenses which have generally been trending down.


  • NeXus greenfield strategy has commenced. Not much detail on the slides around this.
  • Off-net customer base growth expected to return with more competitive pricing launched in H2FY24.
  • Trend of users paying for GFN service indicates there will likely continue to be an improvement in gaming subscription revenue for Q3.Overall gaming revenue may be down / flat depending on future payments from Optus


  • No targets provided for the additional 5G tower roll-out. Total of 24 towers targeted during the capital raise with 8 completed. (Carried Over)

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#Quarterly Review
Added 6 months ago


The Good

  • Marginal improvement in quarterly revenue to $5.2m


  • First 8 new 5G towers live
  • GeforceNow RTX 3080 infrastructure now operational. The gaming segment can now transition from deployment to improving operations. This has led to a 38% increase in revenue QoQ. Without the exact numbers from Q4FY23, this could be estimated to be ~ the $400k mark. The increase looks largely driven by the $200k subhub invoice to Optus. The bubble chart from the presentation shows that the number of active users are growing slower than the number of total accounts. From this it can be seen that only a small number of the people who try the service actually remain active, and a smaller portion of those actually pay for the service.



  • Operating expenses continue to remain steady. Due to the 5G marketing campaigns, advertising expenses can be expected to rise in the coming quarters.


  • Ongoing improvement in EBITDA


The Not So Good

  • Highlighting an “early” settlement of $570k bill as though it impairs the results. As it was brought forward last quarter they are still only paying the bill once in the cycle. My feeling is they have bought this forward to try and improve the cash flows for Q2 after trying the same thing last quarter.


  • Customer churn continues to be an issue. Added 821 new customers over the quarter, but lost 749 resulting in only 72 new customers. The only positive is that On-net metrics are better which is the higher margin sector of the telecommunications business.



Product Review - Petanet - All Services


  • Reduction in gaming ARPU from $13 to $12
  • NeXus rollout looks to continue to experience issues, which has meant ongoing delays. Need more details on the greenfields strategy


What Status


What to Watch

  • Improvements in On-Net customers in Q2 now that the new 5G plans are launched.


  • Improvements in customer churn.
  • No targets provided for the additional 5G tower roll-out. Total of 24 towers targeted during the capital raise with 8 completed.
  • Sub Hub integration planned for Q2FY24. This may drive an increased growth rate in Geforce Now subscribers and increases to gaming revenues.(Carried Over)
  • Q2 EBITDA positive?

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#Quarterly Review
Added 10 months ago


The Good

  • Completed four 5G tower upgrades which are fully operational. The speed of rollout has increased slightly, however there are only 4 additional towers forecast to be completed over H1FY24. The capital raising presentation indicated an increase in capacity of 20,000 customers if 24 towers are upgraded by the end of FY24, which means 16 upgrades need to be completed in H2FY24. Based on the current rate of upgrades, this is an unlikely outcome.


  • Operational cash burn continues to improve in Q4 with an outflow of $456k. This figure is slightly distorted by the inclusion of a $690k government grant and $570k bill.


  • Operating expenses are largely under control. Additional user growth from this point should start to show some operating leverage.


The Not So Good

  • Annual revenue sitting at $19.7m, which puts Q4 revenue at $5m. Quarterly revenue growth has now been flat for the last 3 quarters. It is also a bit cloudy on how to determine the split between gaming and telecommunications revenues. I estimate gaming revenue to sit around $200k for the quarter, which would put gaming revenue for FY23 just shy of $1m.


  • Removal of all growth metrics (i.e # of subscribers etc) from the quarterly update makes it difficult to determine the short term performance trends. Given 10% year on year of on-net user growth, it could be assumed that total growth would be around that mark, likely a bit lower. 
  • No mention of Nexus deployment. The statement of a rollout in a measured and controlled manner I feel indicates that the team are still experiencing issues which are impacting the deployment of this service.
  • Customer churn is now the highest on record at 1.39% (For comparison Aussie Broadband currently sits around 1.2%). The increase in churn follows decrease in rating on 



What to Watch

  • EBITDA breakeven announced for the month of June. Operating cashflows for Q1FY24 should be close to positive.


  • Sub Hub integration planned for H1FY24. This may drive an increased growth rate in Geforce Now subscribers and increases to gaming revenues.(Carried Over)


  • Where telecom and Geforce subscribers are sitting when next announced.
  • Four further towers to be deployed across H1FY24
  • Gen 3 NVIDIA servers to be deployed in Q1FY24
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Added 10 months ago

EBITDA positive in June....actually did something they said they would.

Expected to continue FY24

Couple catalysts including Gen 3 gaming launch together with Optus launch - 1H24

continued roll-out of 5g towers -- 4 complete, need 8 to launch product but using capacity to sign on traditional on-net customers

Nexus rollout strategy under review

$9.9m cash balance

market seems to be like it....seems like the tide is turning at last

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added one year ago

Recently tried to upgrade our Pentanet account at work to fibre. Sales person told me, no problem, I'll do it for you now. Internet died. Called them to find out sales guy did wrong thing as they couldn't put us on fibre in our location for some reason. Not happy. Got invoice in with extra charges for the mess, thanks for nothing.

Called Aussie broadband......absolute delight....fibre on in 55 days no charge $699 pm for 1000/1000.

As soon as it's on bye bye pentanet.

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#BeFunds raised by the Company
Added one year ago

After insisting at 35c and at 30c and at 25c and at 20c that they don't need to raise money, I am suitably annoyed at the outcome here. 25% dilution could have been avoided. What a joke!

Unfortunately very much in the red at these levels, and valuation considerably lower. Hopefully they actually pull one out the bag now and execute.

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#BeFunds raised by the Company
Last edited one year ago

CR at all time lows. Unfortunately they didn’t use the SP bounce following the announcements @Bear77 posted to raise but raised at 8.3c a 19% discount for a 25% dilution. Hard to see how the infrastructure spend is going to pay back in the near future with a 24 month roll out to a potential 20,000 subscribers. The lifetime value of these subscribers has been estimated at approximately ~$7k (no timeframe given) generating an additional $140M, with a market cap of $26M and 5G bandwidth licenses it could be up for a buyout or a burn out. Claiming no further raise needed to reach positive cash flow.

Targeting to roll out 24 towers over the next 24 months. The objective is to expand on-net coverage by 20,000 premises, focusing on increasing capacity in key strategic sites first. Utilising the Company's extensive database of prospective subscribers and targeted marketing in areas of new capacity,

Funds raised by the Company should enable it to reach operating break-even and cash flow positive.

• Proceeds of the placement (~$6.1 million) and share purchase plan offer ($2.5 million) will be applied towards:

o Telecommunications infrastructure ($4.9 million)

o 5G spectrum ($1.6 million)

o Working capital and costs of the offer ($2.1 million)

Held in SM

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Valuation of $0.083
Added one year ago

Based on latest CR

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#Optus Agreement: Cloud Gaming
Last edited one year ago

07-March-2023: I hold a small position in Pentanet (5GG) IRL and it's also either the smallest or one of the smallest positions in my virtual portfolio here.

Here's yesterday's announcement:

06-March-2023: 8:48am: Pentanet--Cambium-to-join-forces-in-accelerating-5G.PDF

On the back of that, Pentanet (5GG) rose +22.22% (+3c to close at 16.5c, and 16.5c was also their day-high-price).

Today they followed that up with:

07-March-2023: 9:37am: Pentanet-enters-into-agreement-with-Optus-for-cloud-gaming.PDF

Well stick a saddle on them and try to hold on, coz they were off!! They peaked at 28c/share during the day - which is +70% higher than yesterday's close (of 16.5c) and +107.4% higher than Friday's close (of 13.5c). However, they closed way down at 18c, only +9.09% up for the day (and one third [+33.333%] higher than Friday's close).

I was trying to buy more here during the past week because last Monday and Tuesday (the last two days of Feb) they closed at 12c/share, and that looked pretty cheap to me. When they rose +22% yesterday I cancelled that buy order.

After the market closed today they released two more announcements:

07 March-2023: 4:08pm: Pentanet-enters-into-agreement-with-Optus-(Amended).PDF [they added some material terms to their earlier announcement]; and

07-March-2023: 6:08pm: Pentanet-to-present-at-upcoming-conference.PDF

Good-O! Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Further Reading:

28-Feb-2023: 8:02am: Pentanet-Interim-Results-Announcement.PDF





The Pentanet Lamborghini Aventador: The Pentanet Aventador.... - Diamond Detailing Perth | Facebook










Internet Provider Perth - nbn™ Plans & Fixed Wireless | Pentanet

Plain Text Link:

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added one year ago

SP has been hammered of late and the Network as a Service expansion with Cambium may help them keep the lights on although at a 13.3% interest rate, ouch!


The proposal will give Pentanet a flexible way to deploy 5G network infrastructure under a NaaS solution, without the need for upfront CAPEX costs. 5G Fixed hardware will be purchased as a fixed monthly subscription instead of higher upfront capital expenditure, which will assist Pentanet in spreading its CAPEX profile for the 5G network expansion plans over future years.

This will ensure that Pentanet is able to meet customer demand and extract more value from existing infrastructure by increasing coverage and speeds in key strategic areas, expanding its suite of high-margin on-net wireless service capacity.

The 5G service will increase our offering and capacity, heightening our ability to service and add more on-net users at a higher rate.”


Under the NaaS proposal, Cambium will provide Pentanet with a variable financing facility worth up to $5.95m for Pentanet’s 5G rollout plan, including hardware, cnMaestro X, software updates and the option for technical support as a monthly service. •

Pentanet will own the hardware on the conclusion of that specific equipment’s repayments.

The network infrastructure bundle will be funded over a four-year term at an annual interest rate of 13.3%. •

Pentanet will be required to pay a proportionate down payment as they add equipment to the NaaS model. • At any point throughout the term, Pentanet can settle any remaining outstanding amount owed to Cambium ‘in part’ or in total, net of future interest.

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#Quarterly Update
Last edited one year ago

The Good

  • The Nexus service is now stable and installed bases are being brought online, which has improved margins and recurring revenue. As there were delays bringing this on in Q2, revenue will likely continue to improve in Q3.
  • The Geforce Now user base continues to expand strongly with total users up 23% for the quarter. 


The Not So Good

  • Overall subscriber growth remained flat for the quarter after slowing in previous quarters. I had expected Pentanet to show much stronger growth consistently for quite some time still. This is an orange flag.


  • Nexus rollout is much slower than I had anticipated, which also means it is a lot more costly. I can understand the delays to get the issues in hand before taking the product to market and Q3 should provide a clearer picture of the deployment rate.
  • Paid Geforce Now memberships increased over the quarter as well but off a very small base, and likely all basic memberships. Based on the past 2 quarters increases in revenue of 13% & 15% respectively I estimate the half year revenue for Geforce to be around $370k. The introduction of the additional payment tiers have helped move the service towards monetisation, however a majority of users are still free. I expect this is a long term strategic move, with another change in plans in the future after they secure the exclusive rights for a new period. I would like to see the free plans reduced to a time limited trial given the basic plans are reasonably priced.


  • Cash burn is still an issue. $3m spent during the quarter, with $6m in the bank plus $5.4m debt facility. The company states it has enough capital to meet its growth plans for FY23. Interesting wording as there’s only 5 months left in FY23. The results of further cost saving measures are also mentioned to be expected, this may help with the cash flow but does worry me for customer service outcomes which look to have been decreasing if product can be taken as an indicator.


  • What is also following this trend is the ongoing incremental increases in churn. Each quarterly there has been commentary around these figures, however there is a definite trend up. Orange flag number 2.


  • As a comparison Aussie Broadband averages around 1.1% with industry leading customer service,


What to Watch

  • Rate of activation and deployment of Nexus
  • Actively drawing on the $1.5m Canopus investment fund in Q3. I am still a bit unclear on how 5GG intends to use the analytics platform.
  • Ongoing increases in churn rate.
  • If the deployment of new 5G & Nexus network hardware can increase subscriber rate
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Valuation of $1.300
Added one year ago

10 year view

includes $15m cap raise FY24 to fund rollout + $5m debt facility

11% wacc, 3% terminal g/r

EBITDA positive FY25

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 2 years ago

I previously held 5GG but it went South and hasn't come back. Sold for a loss.

I use Pentanet both at home and at work. Service is very good although not using the Gamer Nexus space.

One thing that does annoy me is there billing, which although recently changed is pretty dismal. Were sending monthly invoices to pay rather than debiting a card then threatening to reduce speed or cut your service when you forgot to pay. Probably this lost quite a few customers. They have changed things including getting their own BPay.

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 2 years ago

Pentanet doubling down on the cloud gaming sector bringing the next level of NVIDIA devices to the market in 2023 and adding NZ to the territory. More debt but could pay off with a bigger potential premium market if the tech works well. Mention of neXus issues in AGM speech but little detail and suggests roll out stalled until solutions rolled out.

As with the implementation of all new technologies, the initial deployment of neXus presented some initial technical challenges in the first phase of commercial launch, . Those issues are now being addressed with solutions being implemented across the already-installed subscriber base during this quarter, so that we can move ahead in 2023 with further deployment to those who registered an interest for the new service.

Pentanet continuing collaboration with NVIDIA

New Zealand to be formally recognized as a Pentanet serviceable territory, with a pathway to additional neighbouring territories Pentanet to bring the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 tiers to Australia in 2023

The Company will continue investing in the next-generation cloud gaming infrastructure by purchasing the RTX 3080 SuperPODs funded by the 5-year term Westpac Banking Corporation loan facilities.

Set to launch in 2023, the RTX 3080 membership gives users access to a dedicated 3080 GPU in the cloud, which provides a significant performance boost over the existing GeForce NOW subscription tier and further access to more of the cloud gaming market, with the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 enabling games to run up to 4K 60FPS or 1440p at 120FPS on PC and Mac, 4K HDR at 60FPS on NVIDIA SHIELD® TV, and up to 120 FPS on select Android devices

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#Quarterly Update
Added 2 years ago

The Good

  • Continued growth of GeForce Now users to 252,000 and an increase in paid memberships by 20%, The increase is off a small base and registrations are for the cheaper tiers given the comparative 13% in revenue, but this is still a positive sign.


  • Nexus roll-out has started but progress was slow over the quarter, however this is expected to accelerate.

The Not So Good

  • Stability issues reported for the initial nexus rollout which has delayed the number of new subscriptions which only increased 2% over the quarter. This is well below the rate that I have accounted for in my forecasts and original thesis. Increased churn due to a price increase starting in October would have also contributed to this, however this is a warning sign.


  • Free Cash Flow -$4.1m for Q1 with $9.2m in cash and $5m debt facility which gives 3 Quarters of runway at the current investment spend. This quarter has included $1.6m for licence fees.

What to Watch

  • Ongoing stability issues with Nexus which delay uptake or cause churn on the service
  • Review new pricing points against the wider market and monitor ongoing churn numbers
  • $3.2m of $8m paid for 15yr 26Ghz Licence. Need to understand the remaining payment schedule and impacts to cash levels.
  • Reduction in operation cash burn to avoid needs for future capital raises.

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 2 years ago

So Pentanet has finally moved to start trying to nudge its users into paid subscriptions for GeforceNow. (See @laoshi's straw) After a year in service they have reached “nearly a quarter of a million gamers”. The number wasn't given this time unlike other announcements.

After pretty lack luster revenue figures for the service announced in the annual report, it will be telling to see if the new tiers can improve the numbers.

Gaming revenue for H2FY22 was $300k, if you take 6 months of full membership ($120) this gives around 2500 paying users. Total user count at the start of the half was 58,000. This then comes out at an estimate of ~ 4% paying users which is flawed as it assumes no additional users started paying for the service during the half, so the number is likely lower. So where to from here?

The price point of the new plans is actually quite reasonable. With the array of streaming services available to people these days, another $20 / month is a solid hit, whereas $4 is much more easy to justify and squarely targeted at someone like myself who doesn’t have time to game much anymore so doesn’t own a gaming rig but still would like to give some of the new titles a go.

What I see that may impact conversions, is the free tier is still available and not limited after a trial period or if they are successful at moving people onto the $4 plan, but then the wait times become significant again and it then forces people off the service rather than up the subscription tiers to skip the wait times.

Given the new pricing has started right at the end of the quarter, there should be a clean set of numbers coming up for Q2 to identify the success of the new subscription tiers.

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Last edited 2 years ago

Article in West Australian drew my attention to another Perth based company also involved in Cloud gaming but mainly seems to be in Asia and working with telcos on more basic family friendly cloud gaming. Reviews of the Blacknut offering do not compare to Geforce now but they are partnered with AMD and could be a better scalable market. Currently private but would seem a good fit for Pentanet.

Radian Arc, a Perth-based edge infrastructure provider is helping telco monetize 5G with cloud gaming, but is turning its sights on enterprise applications.

• Radian Arc’s built for purpose edge infrastructure and partner marketplace could offer a template for a CAPEX free way for telcos to monetize 5G.

Radian Arc, founded only in 2020, is making a name for itself in the emerging cloud gaming industry

Radian Arc is focused exclusively on delivering their infrastructure at the edge of telecom operator networks.

In the cloud gaming space Radian Arc operates a B2B2C model where the company partners with cloud gaming platforms to sell gaming services to end customers through the telcos. To telcos Radian Arc provides GPU edge infrastructure, limited storage, and connectivity into partner gaming clouds on an operating expenses (OPEX) basis with the main thrust being 5G or fiber network monetization. The telcos then can sell cloud gaming as an additional service to their end customers, on a revenue share basis with the gaming provider. Hosting the GPU close to end users provides better performance compared to leveraging a regional public cloud, and Radian Arc has a partnership with chipmaker AMD to use its gaming optimized chips in its platforms. So far Radian Arc has nearly a dozen operator customers across Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and South America. For example, In Malaysia, Celcom leverages Radian Arc’s infrastructure to deliver cloud gaming from Blacknut for its end customers.

"As we continue to expand access to cloud gaming around the world, we want to find partners who can elevate our service offerings to telcos and improve the gaming experiences we provide to players," said David Cook, CEO of Radian Arc. "The collaboration will also look into possibilities for future applications leveraging TM's extensive network coverage, allowing us and Blacknut to improve the quality of cloud gaming for customers in Malaysia and the surrounding regions."

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#Quarterly Update
Added 2 years ago

The Good

  • Continued increase in active GeforceNow users up 42% QoQ to 182,000. What is a good sign is the minutes streamed is growing at a faster rate (up 64% QoQ) which could be an indicator of ongoing usage after an account has been created. It is also noted that users are up over 200,000 at the end of July.

  • ebff53231f7333d83b194600ab636c0fdfe5f3.jpeg

The Not So Good

  • Reduced revenue growth rate. 5% increase in revenue to $4.6m taking total to $16.9m for FY22 vs $10.9m in FY21 & 5% increase in subscribers over the quarter to 16,674. Growth rate is slowing however fixed wireless makes up a slightly lower portion of users at 39%.

  • 1f66038da1cb3e50a6b4786cd64023ba59b44a.jpeg

  • Previously indicated a Q4 rollout for the changes to GeforceNow payment tiers. Described as upcoming in this update.

What to Watch

  • Nexus go live was at the end of Q4. The onboarding of pre-registered users should drive an increase in subscriber growth over the coming quarters and with it growth in gross margins as fixed wireless makes up a smaller percentage of subscribers.
  • Cash burn remained steady during Q4. Unless there is a significant increase in revenue over the next quarter I expect this to remain steady as advertising and staff costs grow with the business.
  • Rollout of new GeforceNow membership tiers is likely to occur in Q1. Watch reporting metrics as a potential indicator on how successful the initial uptake is

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#Quarterly Update
Added 2 years ago

Quarterly highlights - on net has slowed considerably, resulting in slight drop in gm. Looks like this will be offset in Q1 by nexus - had 240 applications for sign up since late june which is strong, and have added total 580 meshy bois/11600 sub points. Arpu steady. Geforce now over 200k users but no new tiers yet, still just talk. $13m cash. Outlook confident.

Next quarter will be vital, if can show good growth in nexus AND revenue this should rerate.

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 2 years ago

Pentanet signs up infrastucture to continue neXus roll out in WA.

Pentanet has entered into Master Access Agreement with Axicom Pty Ltd in support of the planned network expansion. Axicom has a national footprint of 1858 towers across Australia, with over 110 towers in Perth and 180 towers in Western Australia.

Under the terms of the new Master Access Agreement, the licence terms of all existing site licences have been extended for a period of 10 years from the Master Access Agreement Commencement Date 1 July 2022 with an option to extend by a further five years.

The signing of the agreement will give rise to an additional $4.7m of lease liabilities and rightof-use assets.

Pentanet Managing Director, Mr Stephen Cornish, said, “The signing of this agreement assists in the next phase of growth plans with Axicom, to enable neXus and 5G products to be rolled out across the rest of their network in Western Australia.

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#Nexus Pricing
Last edited 2 years ago

A little bit of a search of current 5G & NBN plan comparisons to Pentatnets freshly announced Nexus offering. At the current promotional pricing it seems that it is a reasonable value proposition, after that period not as much unless you are a user who is after the highest speed internet plans. As this is likely targeted towards gamers, I think that Pentanet may end up bundling Geforce Now with the Nexus internet plans as a bit of a cross promotion.



Telstra 5G - Nexus faster / Telstra cheaper but wide speed range


Optus 5G - Nexus Faster / Optus cheaper and includes Netflix


Aussie Broadband - NBN - Speeds similar / Nexus Cheaper


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#Pentanet Launches neXus
Last edited 2 years ago



Pentanet Limited (ASX:5GG) has achieved a significant milestone today with the commercial launch of neXus, the Company’s next-generation intelligent mesh wireless network for Perth.

Pentanet’s neXus, exclusive to Pentanet, delivers an ultra high-speed wireless internet connection through the air using an innovative mesh technology.

To date, the Operation neXus campaign has generated over 11,000 registrations of interest from people in the community keen to become part of the network. The expression of interest phase was used to determine areas of demand and lay the foundation for scaling coverage density across the Perth metro area. The Pentanet field team is continuing the targeted infrastructure rollout with neXus now available in Aveley, Ellenbrook, Osborne Park, Doubleview, Wangara, Pearsall, Nollamara, Yokine, Canning Vale, Padbury, Glendalough, Woodlands, Innaloo Scarborough, and Duncraig. In addition, Wanneroo, Balcatta, Stirling, Trigg, Morley, and Mindarie are anticipated to go live by end July 2022.

Pentanet has launched the premium Hell Fast plan offering for neXus, with unlocked speeds and unlimited data for $129 per month on a 12-month contract with a $0 installation fee and a Wi-Fi 6 Prism Edge router. To celebrate the official launch of neXus, the $129 Hell Fast plan will be available for just $99 per month, and customers can lock in this price for the lifetime of their neXus service. This offer will only be available for a limited time.

Pentanet Managing Director, Mr Stephen Cornish, said, “It’s taken us a significant amount of time and engineering resources to develop the technology into a product that can be commercialised at scale. But we said we would, and here it is - Pentanet doing Pentanet things. We believe the neXus technology will be disruptive to telecommunications and, after much research and deliberation, we have landed on an early adoption price point that we feel will also be disruptive and generate the growth in demand needed to support further expansion of existing coverage.”

--- click on the file link above to read the remainder of the announcement ---

Disclosure: I hold 5GG shares.



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#Background info
Added 2 years ago

I have been trying to get a better understanding of the gaming side of 5GG and I just came across a few videos from Garry Rollo from the Montgomery small cap fund who is clearly pretty keen on the potential of 5GG. These videos were from late last year but still have good information in them. This is the first time I have seen the CEO talk and I like that he is clearly a gamer himself and is building the company to address the gaming niche.

14-10-21 Short interview with Stephen Cornish about their Telco network and its capabilities in Perth. Good eplanation of how there Terregraph (NEXUS) technology will increase their customer base and network reliability. Talk about how their fixed wireless is a lower cost solution that NBN fibre.

18-10-21 Short interview with Stephen Cornish 5GG CEO on the cloud gaming rollout

6-8-21 Good 20 minute overview on TALK YA BOOK of the potential and he talks about how he sees the exclusivity deal with NVIDIA unfolding beyond the 1yr exclusivity agreement.

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#Fortnite Mobile
Added 2 years ago

Fornite is now available on iOS and Android through Geforce NOW. Currently one of the most popular battle royal games, it will be worth watching to see if there is any noticeable uptick in users following this update, and if the launch of mid tier plans follows not far behind. (Previously indicated to be Q4 release)



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#Lines for GeForce NOW
Added 2 years ago

Thought I would check out what the ques are currently looking like on GeForce Now after updates earlier this year announcing high growth on the platform.

There's definitely some more friction to using the free service now with over 150 people in line and a 20+ minute wait for time on the server. With the free service limited to a 1 hour session, and then having to re-join the line I think this may convert a few more memberships even before the new membership tiers are rolled out.

It will be interesting to see if there has been any growth in the numbers for Q3.



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Valuation of $0.690
Added 3 years ago
New listing. Listed at 25 cents and at that level it would of been a speculative buy for me but there was no public offer (which shits me off no end). They operate exclusively in Perth as a relatively 'typical' ISP provider. Their size gives them the opportunity for rapid initial growth, which they are exhibiting. The lack of history makes the valuation pretty ropey but my best guess is they're loss making until at least FY25 and they're pretty open in the prospectus they'll need more capital. They didn't provide a prospectus forecast. There are a couple of things that could separate them from what is a pretty crowded market: - they are aiming to be one of the first providers in Australia to offer Terragraph technology, which was developed by Facebook and is touted as being the next gen of fixed wireless technology (up to 1Gbps internet speeds). They'll be rolling this out in Perth in 2021. - Agreement with NVIDIA to be their initially exclusive provider of Cloud Gaming services in Australia. Cloud Gaming is in its infancy but has the potential to drastically reduce the up front cost for users and allow them to play games with high technical requirements on a basic PC/console. The exclusivity agreement depends on takeup and so if this proves a goer Pentanet will presumably either need to rapidly roll out tower infrastructure in other capital cities and/or enter into agreements with other providers. Very high insider ownership is maintained. [on watchlist]
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