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#De-risking of Vanadium Project
Added 2 weeks ago

• Pilot plant recovery of vanadium from steel making by-product operating at steady state;

• Trialto process 13 tonnes over 22 days from 3 Scandinavian sites at 25 times larger scale than previous ‘mini-pilot’;

• Campaign will generate proof-of-scale data for feasibility study and significant volumeof samples for end-user product evaluation;

• Successful completion in July will also confirm carbon sequestration and potential ‘net zero’ CO2 footprint.


Link to full announcement here -

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#Spinout of Mt Edwards Nickel
Added 2 weeks ago


Mt Edwards Nickel Project to be demerged into a new company, “Widgie Nickel Limited”.

Post demerger, Widgie Nickel will seek to list on ASX;

• Eligible Neometals shareholders to receive new Widgie Nickel shares (at no cost) on a pro-rata basis in proportion to their existing Neometals shareholding via a capital reduction and in-specie distribution, subject to Neometals shareholder approval among other things;

• Post demerger, Widgie Nickelshareholderswill be entitled to participate in an entitlement offer to subscribe for additional Widgie Nickel shares;

• Post demerger and entitlement offer, Widgie Nickel will have dedicated resources and capital to realise Mt Edwards’ long-term latent value allowing Neometals to focus on its core ‘battery materials’ projects; and

• ASX listing of Widgie Nickel is expected to occur by Q4 in 2021, with further information to be released in the coming weeks.

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#Business Model/Strategy
Added 2 weeks ago


  • Commencement of commissioning the Primobius (JV between Neometals and SMS group) lithium battery recycling demonstration plant in Hichenbach, Germany
  • ‘Front-end’ shredding and beneficiation circuit construction complete and dry commissioning in progress;
  • Construction of the ‘Back-end’ refinery circuit nearing completion;
  • Feasibility Study on track for completion March 2022.

Primobius is combining Neometals’ unique and sustainable hydrometallurgical LIB recycling technology with SMS groups’ global engineering, plant construction and R&D industrialisation skills. Following 5 years of Neometals development, including a comprehensive pilot trial, Primobius has continued commercialisation efforts with significant DP progress achieved. The fully integrated and continuous DP trial constitutes one of the evaluation activities required for the JV owners to make an investment decision relating to construction of the JV’s first commercial recycling plant. Neometals and SMS group have been co-funding the evaluation steps, which will also include subsequent completion of Feasibility Study and the commercial negotiations required to secure LIB feed and product offtake arrangements.

Link to the release here -

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Added 2 weeks ago


• Neometals completes review of 11 Nickel Mineral Resources across the Mt Edwards Project at Widgiemooltha;

• Nine Mineral Resources have been re-estimated between November 2019 and June 2021 using new and existing data;

• Assessment of Cooke and Widgie 3 Mineral Resources deemed that no re-estimation is required; and

• Global contained nickel tonnes at the Mt Edwards Project now 162,560 tonnes, from 10.220 million tonnes at 1.6%N

Link to full announcement now - REVIEW OF NICKEL MINERAL RESOURCES

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#Cash Balance Increases
Last edited 2 weeks ago

Sale of Mount Marion Lithium Hydroxide project

As per the announcement - link below. NMT has sold their offtake rights to Mt. Marion

• Mt Marion spodumene offtake option relinquished for A$30 million cash payment within 10 business days;

• The Company retains significant exposure to the lithium-ion battery supply chain through its Primobius battery recycling JV and portfolio of proprietary lithium processing technologies;

• Neometals’ cash, receivables and investments increase to ~A$107 million;

• Commenced a strategic review of the Indian lithium refinery project.



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