The Last Straw

Episode 21: MicroCap Conference recap

This week, we attended the inaugural Coffee Microcaps conference, where we had the chance to hear from a bunch of interesting Micro-cap companies, as well as rub shoulders with some heavy-hitting private & professional investors. We run through our thoughts on all the companies that presented: Volpara (VHT), BlackWall (BWF), SkyFi (SKF), Kangaroo Plantation Timber (KPT), Locality Planning (LPE), XRef […]

Episode 19: Recession Alert! Plus, ReadCloud, Hansen vs Wisetech and Valuation 101

One of history’s most reliable recession indicators just flashed red, so what does that mean? Plus, we outline the investment case for (and against) Readcloud (ASX:RCL). We compare Hansen with Wisetech, and ask why the market values these two seemingly similar companies so differently. And, finally, we give a short lesson in valuation. For more great content, please visit us […]

Episode 18: WiseTech, Fluence, Promedicus and thoughts on leverage, recessions and position sizing

This week, we revisit Wisetech (ASX:WTC) following its cash grab; should investors participate in the capital raise? Also, we run the ruler over water specialist Fluence (ASX:FLC) and we ask whether fan favourite ProMedicus (ASX:PME) is now too expensive. Plus, we talk about the pros and cons of using leverage, why position sizing is so important to your returns and […]

The Rules of NumberWang

If you have never seen That Mitchell and Webb Look do yourself a favour this Christmas break and check some of it out.  One of my favourite skits of theirs is ‘NumberWang’. The running gag of a game show with glitz, glamour and indecipherable rules [-1.873]. I am lucky that my wife loved the show too.  She is a successful […]

The Art of Being Abstract

I’m not the fanciest person. I’m one of the last people you’d want to hear from if you wanted to know more about abstract art. There is, apparently, a Picasso hanging in the National Gallery in London called Fruit Dish, Bottle and Violin [1]. I know this because I looked it up (and just FYI, that’s an experience that will […]