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#Bull Case
Last edited 2 weeks ago

Appears the market liked the AXE update, closing on its high of the day up 50%! Nothing changed for me, I am just sitting tight with the stock in the bottom draw. (Diamond hands I believe the kids call it)

As I said in a previous straw It remains a back the jockey story, in the case a very smart and motivated jockey named Mohammed.

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Last edited 2 weeks ago

What a day for AXE. I was alerted to this little gem in Jan 2018 when it was .16. Oh how odd listened to the ramblings of an old man when he told me this was going to the moon.  Then again, how many times I have listened and, like a fool and his money,  we parted ways.  To those who were along for the ride,  well played and enjoy.  

This is placed to be one of the standout investments of 2021 I believe.  

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#ASX Announcements
Added 2 weeks ago

• Archer achieves a key technological milestone in the development of its 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor chip technology.

• The work represents a significant technical achievement because the electronic transport measurements were performed on a single qubit – only a few hundred atoms across – and at room temperature.

• The Company utilised over $150 million of semiconductor foundry facilities and some of the most advanced instrumentation in the world to complete its most recent validation of the 12CQ technology.

• Archer is one of only a few players† developing a qubit processor chip in the emerging multibillion-dollar quantum computing industry‡.

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#ASX Announcements
Added 2 months ago

First patent granted for 12CQ quantum computing chip Highlights

• Japanese patent granted for Archer’s 12CQ quantum computing qubit processor (“chip”).

• Major commercial milestone achieved with the grant of a patent protecting the 12CQ chip technology in a Top 5 global economy.

• Archer is one of few key players† developing a qubit processor chip in the emerging multibillion-dollar quantum computing industry‡. 

The JP Patent (Patent No. 6809670) is the first granted patent protecting the 12CQ chip. The grant of the JP Patent represents a significant commercial milestone in Archer’s development of the 12CQ chip.

The grant of the JP Patent gives Archer access to the high-value Japanese market for the 12CQ chip and is the first step in the Company’s efforts to access global markets. The JP Patent application successfully underwent substantive examination procedures in Japan by the Japan Patent Office§ , which is one of the world’s largest patent offices.

The success in the grant of the JP patent streamlines the patent granting process and procedures for the additional six international patent applications in the jurisdictions of Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Europe, and the US (ASX ann. 6 Oct 2020). The Company considers Japan as a critical strategic jurisdiction to protect and commercialise its IP. Japan is a major global economy** and according to the World Economic Forum, ranks amongst the top 5 economies in the world for global competitiveness and GDP.

Commenting on the grant of the Japanese patent, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “Archer’s quantum computing chip IP is now well protected in Japan – a major global economy and centre for technological innovation.

The grant of a patent in Japan further validates, and substantially derisks, our unique technology. “Archer is one of very few companies in the world with a patent portfolio protecting quantum computing qubit processor technology, and this is strategically significant as we rapidly progress in commercialising the 12CQ chip.”

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#ASX Announcements 12/1/21~Stud
Added 2 months ago

Australian Semiconductor Sector Study

Archer Materials Limited (ASX: AXE) is pleased to inform shareholders that the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer has published a comprehensive independent report, titled Australian Semiconductor Sector Study: Capabilities, opportunities and challenges for NSW’s meaningful participation in the global semiconductor value chain. Archer contributed to the development of the Scoping Study, together with other semiconductor sector leaders.

The Company encourages shareholders and investors to read the Scoping Study as it examines the global semiconductor market size and current and future trends, analyses NSW and Australian performance and capabilities to date, offers recommendations on what is needed for the sector’s constituents in NSW to successfully accelerate their participation in the high-value high-tech semiconductor industry, and prospective global market opportunities where Australian companies may hold a leading position, for example in Quantum Computing.

The Scoping Study identifies the largest areas of opportunity for the scaleup of companies, such as Archer, in the global semiconductor industry. These areas include enhancing domestic capability in semiconductor design, fabrication and prototyping. In particular, as it relates to the commercial translation of advanced materials and quantum computing technology.

The Scoping Study presents a positive long-term outlook for the potential of increased participation by companies such as Archer in the global semiconductor sector. Archer’s current areas of strength and strategic significance across the semiconductor value chain is reported to include securing high-impact intellectual property in global markets and chip development.

I haven't read it all yet, but I think a few of you might find it interesting. It is 48 pages...copy & paste

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#Bull Case
Added 2 months ago

Company is making plays in great macro trend areas and has some impressive ties with big corps, I think it's time to start taking this company serious and scale in for the potential of huge upside.

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#ASX Announcements
Added 3 months ago

Quantum collaboration with leading AI firm Max Kelsen
• Archer and Max Kelsen will develop quantum algorithms relevant to the
operation of the 12CQ quantum computing processor (“chip”).
• The Australian companies are members of the IBM Q Network†, and will use
IBM’s Qiskit and quantum computers for testing and validation.
• The collaboration is a key step in the commercialisation of the 12CQ chip,
and aims to validate chip end-uses and high-value practical applications.
• Quantum computing outcomes from the collaboration will target multiple
sectors, including ICT and financial services‡.
Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, the “Company”, “ASX: AXE”) is pleased to announce that it
has entered into a collaboration with a leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
company, Max Kelsen (“the Collaboration”). Archer and Max Kelsen are members of the global
IBM Q Network†
The collaboration is a critical step in the commercialisation of the 12CQ chip because the
principal purpose of building quantum computing processors is to apply and run quantum
algorithms to generate value from outperforming modern computing.
Commenting on the collaboration, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “As part of
Archer’s forward looking strategy, the partnership with Max Kelsen – a leading AI and Quantum
Computing firm – is a key step forward in the commercialisation of our 12CQ chip technology.
“It’s a great example of how two Australian IBM Q Network Members are working together to
realise the commercial potential of quantum computing.
“We will use IBM’s Qiskit and quantum machines to validate our work, and once validated,
Archer intends to apply the end-user cases, algorithms and Qiskitto 12CQ chip hardware, which
demonstrates the increasing value our partnerships bring as we progress in our development.”
As IBM Q Network members, Archer and Max Kelsen will use IBM’s Qiskit open source
programming framework and cloud-based quantum computers to implement novel quantum
algorithms developed that validate practical quantum computing applications relevant to
Archer’s 12CQ chip technology, i.e. real uses that would benefit from quantum processors
onboard technology at room temperature.
†; also
Advanced Materials Archer Materials Limited (ACN: 123 993 233)
12CQ Ground Floor, 28 Greenhill Road, SA 5034
As part of the Collaboration, Archer staff will work directly with the quantum computing team
at Max Kelsen to develop industrially relevant business use-cases of the 12CQ technology for a
number of sectors with the potential for high-value add, including finance‡ and
. This will involve the use of quantum processors to run quantum
algorithms that have real applications such as Quantum Artificial Neural Networks.
About 12CQ
12CQ is a world-first quantum processor technology that Archer aims to build for quantum
computing operation at room-temperature and integration onboard modern electronic devices.
For more information, please view Archer’s a recent webinar held with IBM.
About Max Kelsen
Founded in Brisbane in 2015, Max Kelsen is a globally leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
Machine Learning (ML) software business. Max Kelsen enables innovation directly linked to the
generation of business value and competitive advantage, including for Fortune 500 companies
and some of Australia’s most iconic brands. Max Kelsen’s solutions are at the heart of workflow
automation and value extraction from data, providing extremely accurate predictive modelling
in critical systems like clinical decision making. Max Kelsen is also dedicated to reinvesting its
expertise and profits to solve the challenges of humankind, focusing on Cancer Genomics, AI
Safety, and Quantum Computing. Max Kelsen was the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner of
the Year in 2020 for Data and AI

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#ASX Announcements
Added 4 months ago

This company keeps on innovating.....announcing 
Archer’s A1 Biochip™ 

• Archer commences its A1 Biochip™ development with the aim of building a lab-on-chip biosensing device capable of simplifying disease detection.

• The A1 Biochip™ is being built by the Archer team in a world-class semiconductor chip prototyping foundry.

• Archer is working with a German biotech company to explore the on-chip conversion of in-demand commercial diagnostics.

• Lab-on-chip devices form part of the global multibillion dollar biotech economy, catalysed by advances in point of care diagnostics and testing1.

• Archer owns all the IP associated to the biochip technology, and the Company is prosecuting related international patent applications.  

Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, the “Company”, “ASX: AXE”) is pleased to announce the Company has commenced building a lab-on-a-chip device (“biochip”) named A1 Biochip™.

Archer has made a step-change in advancing its graphene-based biosensor technology development to newly commence its lab-on-a-chip A1 Biochip™ project. This was possible in a short period of time as Archer brought its biotechnology development in-house and is now able
to miniaturise its biosensing processes to chip-formats while retaining its IP.

Archer will be designing and building its own biochip which means that the Company no longer requires prototyping sensor materials, graphene inks, 2D/3D printing, or circuit boards (manufactured in Asia) (ASX Ann. 31 Aug 2020). Developing the biochip in-house should allow Archer to accelerate commercialisation of the biochip.

Commenting on the A1 Biochip™ development, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said: “It is a global challenge to develop innovative biodevices that make the complex detection of disease safer and more reliable. Archer’s A1 Biochip™ technology aims to simplify disease detection at the point of care to potentially address an emerging multibillion dollar industry.

“Archer’s biochip development involves miniaturising medical lab tests onto an integrated circuit, a single chip, that is only a few millimetres in size. This is incredibly difficult, and there
are very few people the world that can do this type of work, however Dr Soffe has already made exciting advances on this front in only a few weeks since joining Archer”.

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#Progress Report
Added 9 months ago
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#Deal with IBM
Added 10 months ago

05-May-2020:  Quantum computing agreement with IBM

AXE were up +113.51% today (from 18.5 cps to 39.5 cps) on the back of that announcement, and it should be noted that no money has yet been paid (or offered) by either company to the other.  I used to have shares in AXE back when they were called Archer Exploration and they were trying to get a graphite mine on the Eyre Peninsula up and running.  Now they have a "focus on the development of the Group's advanced materials with a key focus on integrating graphite and graphene in three key growth areas of reliable energy, human health and quantum technology and exploring our mineral exploration projects."

Fair enough.  Their quarterly cashflow report (Appendix 5B)  for the March quarter this year showed they still had zero revenue, and were still burning through cash.  They also estimated they had enough cash to survive for 4 further quarters without another capital raising (so until March 31, 2021).  This agreement is certainly positive, and will draw a lot of interest and shine a spotlight on what AXE are trying to achieve, but it doesn't bring any money in the door, so they'll be announcing another capital raising at some point during the next 12 months, and my guess would be soonish based on their share price more than doubling today.

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