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#F21 Results
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Links not available to post yet - but I am looking forward to the explanation of why logistics charges are being delt with as a one-off.

I don't think it is right to trumpet exceptional Sales and Revenue, and then hide what it took to achieve that.

  • Gross Sales2 up 52.7% to $1.179 billion (FY20: $772.3 million3), and a CAGR4 of 46.2% since FY19
  • Revenue up 56.8% to $780.7 million (FY20: $497.9 million), and a CAGR4 of 33.4% since FY19
  • Gross Profit up 61.0% to $203.7 million (FY20: $126.5 million), and a CAGR4 of 49.9% since FY19
  • Adjusted NPAT5 up 43.2% to $42.9 million (FY20: $30.0 million), and a CAGR4 of 51.8% since FY19
  • NPAT down 86.8% to $3.5 million (FY20: $26.8 million), reflecting one-off inventory, logistics and
  • Mighty Ape acquisition costs
  • Adjusted EPS5 up 27.2% to $0.41 per Share (FY20: $0.32 per Share), and a CAGR4 of 42.8% since
  • FY19
  • EPS of $0.03 per Share, down 88.3% on prior year (FY20: $0.29 per Share), impacted by a
  • number of items detailed below
  • Active Customer base up 46.9% (excluding Mighty Ape) to 3,207,000. Mighty Ape
  • Active Customers grew to 764,000 at 30 June 2021
  • Net cash at financial year end (total cash less drawn debt) of $12.8 million