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As I wrote earlier (in an EML post) KGN was number 1 conviction pick for a mfoolish desperate attempt to appease 5G super hype losers. As a user I have bought more things than I can remember from Kogan. And I have gas and electricity with them. Their customer service when you complain is fantastic. Their comms during the sale to delivery process sucks. Think Ubereats or jimmybrings with the map track. Even AusPost has brought in a two hour delivery window now (finally). Kogan kinda doesn't do that. My main concern is if I want something I can go multiple places. My other concern is if Ruslan pulls the pin.

Oh yeah. "Active user" I'm probably one because I get their emails. Delete 95% unopened. No $ here from me.

Still have gas and electricity with them though...

And if my TV explodes I will only buy from Kogan.

Interesting company

Added one year ago

@Rick. Ruslan's remuneration? Pretty high compared to Woolies CEO etc. Shareholders general distaste/rejection of remuneration proposals etc. Check out todays COB on Ausbiz